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Skin Perfect Utilizes The Power Of Keyword Match Types In Google Adwords Campaigns

Skin Perfect is an online retailer that deals in natural skin care products. Objectives: To develop a Google Adwords strategy to Lower its CPA Reduce the loss on each order and drive profits from sales. Reach out to customers who are searching for products that Skin Perfect offers. Strategy adopted by Skin Perfect: Skin Perfect […]

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My Cuban Store Used Search Engine Marketing Techniques Efficiently To Reduce Conversion Costs By 29%

About My Cuban Store: Born out of entrepreneurial spirit, ‘My Cuban Store‘ was started by Alexis Martin in 2002. He started the retail internet business by selling Cuban Memorabilia i.e. things that belonged to Cuba’s history, a classic era. Items sold were currency, coins, books, art etc. Later on, Alexis decided to add Guayabera Shirts […]

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2 Major Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing For Generating More Business For The Company

Search Engine Marketing is an advertising technique on Google or on any of the other search engines like Yahoo etc., where a company’s website would be right on top or somewhere on the top of the search engine result pages, due to the efforts made by the company. With tough economic times, it is very […]

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