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Google SERPs Enable Lengthy Titles and Descriptions

Google is all about constant change. There is nothing constant except the change itself. No long back, Google decided to eliminate the right side ads completely for desktop Search Engine Result Pages (Google SERPs) which was one of the most controversial change by Google. Marketers panicked while small businesses thought it was their end. There […]

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How To Win Over Google’s New SERP Format

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Google ever since its establishment has continually upgraded itself. Be it major changes like Google Panda or slight tweaks or updates, this gigantic search engine always tries to give its visitors a high-quality experience. Following the same path, Google changed how its Search Engine Result Pages looks on 23rd February. The announcement of the changed […]

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Google Adword Keyword Planner – A Great Tool To Succeed With SEO

Search engine optimisation is something that is indispensable for each and every business and no one can do without it. In order to gain maximum from SEO, it is essential that there are proper keywords used to attract the right kind of traffic to the website. There are many tools available for the purpose but […]

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4 SEO Myths About Video Optimization Cracked

When the key ingredients of quality content are jotted down, video certainly finds a place in the list and grabs a higher rank easily. This is because a well designed video is quite an effective communication tool and is used by the businesses increasingly. There are few myths regarding its optimisation on YouTube or other […]

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5 Tips To Make A SEM Campaign Simply Outstanding

A PPC campaign is a subset of search engine marketing and calls for a considerable amount of investment both in terms of money as well as time on the part of a marketer. Here are 5 simple to implement and highly result oriented PPC tips to be used just right away! Choose site specifically It […]

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5 SEO Tips For Smooth Sailing And Happy Landing

Search engine optimization is the most essential step that is taken care of by the modern day businesses in order to boost the traffic on its website and increase the number of sales. There is always a struggle to rank high on the SERPs (search engine result page) and hence there is a strong need […]

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4 SEO Tips To Help Improve Page Rank In Search Results 

Every business is competing to rank high on SERPs i.e. Search Engine Result Page and hence work hard to optimise their efforts in SEO exercise. This blog explains 4crucial aspects that can turn the course of SEO performance and take all the efforts involved to their desired destination which is nothing but succeeding in grabbing […]

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Outright Leveraged SEO To Gain 67% Hike In Search Results Rankings On Google

About Outright Outright was founded by two persons with innovative brain in the year 2006. These two persons were earlier employed in Intuit and started their own company manufacturing B2B bookkeeping and accounting software. The goal of the company is to help the small businesses organize their finances well by streamlining the work flow drastically. […]

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Nike Golf Used SEO To Gain 348% Increase In Site Traffic In Just 2 Years

About Nike Golf Nike Golf is the branch of Nike that is a retail branch specifically for golf. This brand has earned it name in the field of golf balls, clubs, polo shirts and the footwear. It is a strong competitor for Tiger Wood. Business Objective Of Nike Golf To increase the visibility of the […]

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