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3 Strategies To Segment Your E-mail List

Segmentation works wonders for your e-mail campaigns. A lot of marketers are using segmentation to increase the effectiveness of their e-mail campaigns. Mailchimp has been measuring the stats of all their customers who use segmented campaigns and arrived at the results that campaigns which use segmentation have over 14% higher open rates, have over 59% […]

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Puma Increased Order Rates To 7.1% Via Google Analytics Insights

About Puma Puma is a world famous brand that manufactures shoes and sports apparel and accessories. Puma is present on- line in the form of its website- This website serves the purposes of communicating  brand information and providing an e- commerce gateway to Puma’s target audience. Puma has a wide range of product categories like […]

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4 Benefits Of Segmentation In Google Analytics

  “A segment is a subset of the data to be analysed in Google Analytics” It is one of the most important tools provided by Google Analytics to isolate and analyse data. There is so much of data available. But interpreting all this data might not be useful for a particular business. Segmentation segregates the quantitative […]

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