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How To Create a 5-Step Social Media Marketing Plan

Now that you have decided to use Social Media to promote your brand, it is time to start the strategy. But where to start? How to make a social media marketing plan? This will serve to guide your steps in Social Media and be able to achieve your goals. Now, you are likely to wonder: […]

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6 Easy Steps To Do Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Social Media Audit should be an essential part of strategy for any brand which is promoting itself through social media networks. Auditing social media helps you understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses on social media. And not just that but also it helps keep things on track. It helps you to do reflections on […]

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6 Business Objectives of Social Media Listening

What is Social Media Listening? Social Media Listening is the process of tracking and monitoring digital conversations around specific words to understand what customers are saying about a brand, product or a company. It’s more than watching @mentions and #Hashtags. If you’re only paying attention to notifications then you’re missing a large group of people […]

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Louis Vuitton Enhanced Brand Presence Via Social Media Channels

About Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Malletier who is also referred as Louis Vuitton is a French Fashion House who founded the Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton in 1854. On most of its products the monogram LV appears. The products range from leather goods like shoes, wallets, jewellery and many accessories.Louis Vuitton comes under the top most […]

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How To Choose The Right Social Media Channel For Your Business

Social Media Platforms have become a medium to connect with people around the world, People share their skills, interest, and information through it. It has also become a medium for brands to promote its business. With millions of people spending time on the internet every day, out of these 80% spend time on accessing social […]

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Do You Know About The Secret Weapons Of Social Media Marketing?

The evolution of marketing channels have been tremendous right from the scratch. Marketing had started its journey from radio channels and then the television channels and now it has flourished into every social media marketing platform. Nowadays, marketing via online and social media platforms are considered as the best strategy by the businesses. But bridging […]

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