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5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is MUST For Your Business

What is Social Media Marketing? Based on the Webster dictionary’s definitions of social, media and marketing it would be safe to define social media marketing as: Creating relationships using online resources for the purpose of selling or purchasing products.  Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and […]

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Social Media Success Stories For Business Trajectory

Nobody can deny that social media is a powerful and developing part and parcel of almost every advertising spending plan today. Considering that it was once viewed as an exercise in futility that just pandered to a couple tech-savvy clients, yet is today the voice of numerous, numerous brands crosswise over different group of onlookers […]

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Impact of Social Media In Travel Industry

We all know that in today’s era if you want your brand existence than to have a profile on social media channels is necessary. We can find many brands on social media channels which promote their brands. Mostly all type of business brands are available say Retail, Banks, Service Industry and so on. They all […]

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3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

At present,  it is unimaginable  for a business to be absent from social media platforms. Every business is trying its  best to generate more and more business in a social way by making their social media presence stronger. But, there are a few hurdles in the path and this  blog discusses 3 social media marketing […]

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8 Big Mistakes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing seems to be a magical word nowadays. Business owners get to read, talk and research about the effects and results given by strategic presence on social media in particular domains. No doubt it’s a powerful medium. There is double growth in active users, yearly and the medium seems to give you better targeting parameters […]

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