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2 Most Dangerous Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Must Take An Action Against

Predominantly, social media is a relationship and networking space. With its growing popularity across demography and locations, it has been evolved as a point of attraction for the corporate houses, business organizations, products, brands, other institutions and organizations, social issues and individual professionals. It is well understood that where there are people there is a […]

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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Trends Which Will Be Prevalent In 2014

There could be two schools of thought in social media marketing. One believes in trend setting, which later is recognized as trend setter and the other which believes in following or benchmarking the best practices in the market. Here, we are not to debate in which school we should enroll. The marketers or social media […]

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Klout or PeerIndex : Which Do You Prefer To Measure Your Social Media Influence?

If I ask some one “How influential are you”, the most common reply would be “not very” and if asked, “who do you think are influential”, replies would be names of celebs, great political leaders, scientists But contrary to this fact, if you see some hotshot in social media, he/she need not necessarily be a […]

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