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The Chinese Social Media Landscape

The Chinese social media landscape is arguably the dynamic, unique and fascinating one in the world. Social media in China has grown phenomenally particularly with the rise of Weibo (China’s answer to Twitter) and WeChat. This is because of an increasingly high internet penetration rate, currently just under 50% of the total population are online. […]

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Social Media: Space for everybody

Today, Let’s rewind our lives back to the epoch of the 90’s where people do have businesses, factories or small and medium enterprises which were overshadowed or dominated by rich people or big dealers, big companies or high profile people. That time, only few large industries were up there where people around and communities tend […]

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4 Core Deeds Of Social Media Landscape

Today, Social media is widely present on World Wide Web and the best piece of this landscape is its compatibility with other content-based websites, service providers, gaming websites and the like. When such landscape is available on World Wide Web, why not come forth and reach the hot spotlight. So, when we say Social Media Landscape, […]

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