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Eight Point Strategy On How To Do Social Media Marketing

How to do social media marketing? It is a crucial question as social media has become the most effective tool because of its tremendous reach. A few years ago people were asking why businesses should use social media for marketing. Today, the ‘Why’ has changed to ‘How?’ That, by itself, sums up the importance of […]

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Learn To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan From The Start

Planning is most important part in achieving success in any arena, same is also in the case while creating a social media marketing plan, in this article we will learn to create a social media marketing plan from the start. Let us imagine the scenario of construction of a building, while constructing the building you cannot […]

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Top 6 LinkedIn Tools For Assured Success In Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn, the most popular social media channel for career and business, is widely used by companies of different sizes. LinkedIn helps to network with professionals, vendors, and customers. This channel is also used to track marketing campaigns effectively. Here are top 6 LinkedIn tools to ensure success in social media marketing. 1. LinkedIn Pulse LinkedIn […]

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3 Social Media Marketing Myths That Are Not Good For Business Health

Social media marketing is a valuable addition to the marketing mix. However, there many myths of about social media channels exist in the market. Being active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, business owners and marketing experts should educate themselves on these myths periodically and understand the realities. Understand the following 3 important social media marketing […]

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15 Social Media Marketing Tips To Invite More Customers To Your Restaurant

Many restaurants want to use social media tools in their marketing mix, but they don’t know how to implement it to generate more engagement and get more customers walking through their door. Here are 15 top social media marketing tactics for restaurant business that will attract more customers. Think like a customer: When promoting a […]

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