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Avoid These Mistakes For Better Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing is considered to be an effective tool for marketer’s of the modern age.Organizations spend millions and billions of their marketing budget on Social Media Marketing to build brands.If an organization thinks they can still ignore the social platforms to promote their brand then they are oblivious to the impact Social Media can […]

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6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Can Take A Toll On Business Health

Traders and business owners understand the importance of social media role in their business and aware of the kind of impact it can make in brand and product promotion. It is quite obvious that these business would make some mistakes in their social media strategies during first few years of their business. However, eventually they […]

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Are You Making These 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Social media is a powerful marketing tool in any business these days. Social media is often acting as a double-edged sword as it can be very damaging to a brand reputation when any mistakes happen during the campaign. It is better to avoid such mistakes in the beginning itself before it is getting too late. There […]

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3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You May Fall Victim To

Social media marketing is not just about posting content, hitting the ‘like’ button or tweeting on posts. It is beyond the seemingly simple tasks that the users perform online on daily basis. Being a business person,  it is impossible to create an effective presence on social media platforms without a well planned and specific business […]

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8 Big Mistakes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing seems to be a magical word nowadays. Business owners get to read, talk and research about the effects and results given by strategic presence on social media in particular domains. No doubt it’s a powerful medium. There is double growth in active users, yearly and the medium seems to give you better targeting parameters […]

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2 Most Dangerous Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Must Take An Action Against

Predominantly, social media is a relationship and networking space. With its growing popularity across demography and locations, it has been evolved as a point of attraction for the corporate houses, business organizations, products, brands, other institutions and organizations, social issues and individual professionals. It is well understood that where there are people there is a […]

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