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Khan Academy Creating Social Media Revolution in Teaching

About the Company Khan Academy, a new sensation in teaching using social media platform is a Non-Profit Organization. It started in the year 2006 by an educator “Salman Sal Khan” with the sole aim to provide free world class education for anyone and anywhere.This academy provides lectures to students in the form of You tube videos […]

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The Ultimate Revolution of Social Media Marketing

A gigantic shift in technology over the years has changed the way we communicate and socialize. Transitions from society to social world, community participation to computer engagement and surroundings to online environment are a part of the journey from real to virtual. We’re no longer what we say; we are what we share. Such is […]

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The Revolution Of Social Media

We live in an social marketplace which Is escalating like nothing else, and the business opportunity for this is increasingly bigger than the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or new entrants such as Instagram or Pinterest. The fact is, the vast majority of word of mouth still takes place offline, in the […]

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New Sports Based Social Media Platform – – Why Watch Cricket Alone?

Founders of Digital Vidya along with fellow IITian Manas have recently ventured into new sports based social media platform (pronounced as a single word: Sochla). The idea behind conceptualizing this platform in short term is to fill the need of cricket fans in India to share their comments, views or rants online with their […]

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Pick up a Social Media Channel and begin with your battle!!

Social Media and Battle?? A weird combination, most of you will be thinking that this girl has gone nuts. But believe me this has happened – Downfall of Mubarak (the famous Egypt Revolution) is an aftermath of a Social Media Movement. We are all Khaled Said – Blogger’s Initiative “We are all Khaled Said”- anonymously […]

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