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Facebook Marketing For Startup Company: 5 Pro Creative Engagements

Digital Marketing on Facebook has many benefits. It allows you to be creative content, media, engagements, established goals and eventually grow your company. For startup companies, we need to firstly get our customers interested in the product. The best thing is to be creative in thinking and executing the plan. Having creative content engagements can […]

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Escalate Higher From Your Start-up Position With 8 Inbound Marketing Tips

Escalating your business to a higher level may be the dream of many new start-ups, but the biggest question is, How?  Here are the 8 most important tips that all the start-ups must follow to enhance their business to a higher level:  1)       PRODUCT MATTERS THE MOST: Whenever you start a business, your product plays […]

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Firefish Software Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Garner 190% More Leads

About The Firefish Software The Firefish Software is a very recently started recruitment software company and it is based in UK. Immediately after it was launched in 2010, the company had to face tough competition from other powerful companies. Wendy McDougall, the CEO of the company, relied heavily on traditional marketing channels to win the […]

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