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How to Develop a Powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Seeing the reach, effectiveness and advertising potential, Twitter is one of the best Social Media Marketing platforms for bloggers, marketers, businesses, and brands. Top marketers have now understood that Twitter is an extremely powerful and exceedingly utilized web-based social networking platform to convert the target audiences. They make powerful Twitter Marketing Strategy and drive traffic […]

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Faasos’s ‘Tweet To Order’ Campaign Helped Increase Sales

Placing orders for food were never so easy before Faasos, an Indian fast food chain, embraced Twitter as their online platform for ‘take-away’s. Started in 2003, Faasos provided the desi alternative to the young crowd of India in forms of freshly made wraps who were on the verge of boredom with only burgers or pizzas […]

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Shoppers Stop Drove Indian Tweeters Crazy Through #SSTweetStore

About Shopper‘s stop An Indian retailing company promoted by the K Raheja Corp Group, started in the year 1991 had its first store in Andheri,Mumbai and by 2013, Shoppers Stop have had 73 stores in India. offers a truly remarkable shopping experience on the Internet. On April 10, 2008 at Barcelona, Shopper’s stop was awarded “the […]

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Dell Leveraged Twitter To Generate 6.5 Million Dollars

Dell, the third-largest  maker of PCs,  founded in the year  1984 has been  amongst the best examples who Leveraged social media in order to increase sales. Dell has been a lot in talks about how they generated $6.5 million in sales using Twitter alone. Twitter led a remarkable increase in revenue of the company. Dell […]

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Top 5 Reasons To Use Hootsuite To Obtain Maximum From Twitter

Twitter became a full-fledged social media tool now and for the same reason many applications are getting developed around it. Hootsuite is one of  such most popular application for Twitter. This application offer many valuable resources when it is used with Twitter. Here are the top 5 reasons to use Hootsuite with Twitter accounts. 1. Easy […]

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