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How To Plan Video Content For The Web?

The programing department is the creative heart of every network. The department is responsible for the production of all on-line communication of the network. The communication on the web has three stages to it, they are in the order as follows… Content – A compelling message of interest to the viewers – Step 1 Clarity […]

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Snapchat In India Going To Be The Most Used Social Platform?

As per the recent Internet Trends Reports 2016 by Mary Meeker, Snapchat has become just second to Facebook in terms of time spent on it per month. Snapchat is getting close to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest as one of the most famous social media platforms for sharing images and videos. Snapchat sees 150 […]

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Learn To Leverage Video Content To Generate, Qualify & Score Leads

We have perceived till now that images creates a great impact on our audiences while posting on social media. But do not forget that now Video Content has better engagement rate compare to  text posts. Now a days the approach towards the way of marketing is changed. Including  Video in your post  is a way […]

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