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Vuclip – Redefining Video On Demand In India With Viu

     -     Apr 27th, 2016   -     Case Studies, Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

About Vuclip: Vuclip, a PCCW Media Company, is a leading premium video-on-demand service for emerging markets with 9 million subscribers per quarter. The company’s premium OTT service Viu is currently enjoyed by consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India. The foundation pillars of Vuclip’s strategy are: premium Asian content in 34 different languages from […]

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Coca-Cola Demonstrates Digital Unity as Indian And Pakistani Consumers unites Via Small World Machines

     -     Mar 10th, 2016   -     Case Studies, Digital Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Coca-ColaCompany of Atlanta, Georgia, and is often referred to simply as Coke (a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company in the United States since March 27, 1944), the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still beverage brands. Globally, No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, juices and juice drinks. […]

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7 Great Content Ideas For Your Next Inbound Marketing Campaign

Today everyone talks about online businesses. Online companies, online products, online services, online courses are in the news everyday. But what makes it so effective and popular? How people know about new product, new services, new companies, new universities, new colleges and many more? Answer of these all questions is same and that is “Content”. […]

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4 SEO Tips You Can Trust Completely And Follow Immediately

     -     Nov 13th, 2014   -     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   -     2 Comments   -    , , , , ,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful source of traffic with infinite potential. With many small businesses turning to YouTube to promote their brand online and engage with their potential customers, the world of video sharing sites like YouTube has gained popularity quickly and has become crowded. Almost 100 hours of videos are uploaded on […]

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8 Tips To Set Your SEO Campaigns Right Through Videos

     -     Aug 27th, 2014   -     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   -     0 Comments   -    , , , , , ,

Digital Marketers are now focusing on videos to set their SEO campaigns right and to generate interest in their activities. It has become an inseparable part of the digital marketing mix. Videos have several benefits for marketing, and the most important is the visual content which communicates more than traditional articles, pictures and ads. Videos […]

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4 Helpful Tips That Will Solve Your Video Related Email Marketing Problems

     -     May 26th, 2014   -     Email Marketing   -     1 Comment   -    ,

Developing an email draft with the right use of words, pictures, sound and videos is an art. One should know how to nail down prospective client of the company through emails. Video embedding in the mail plays a major and pivotal role in attracting right clients. Thus, few key elements which should be kept in […]

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Vico Software Used Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Search Referrals By 100%

About Vico Software Vico Software Inc., is a Boston based IT company. The head quarter of the company is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and it has its offices in other parts of USA, UK, Finland and Hungary. It provides construction software and related services to building owners, managers and contractors in the commercial building […]

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