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How to Create Great Digital Marketing Videos

In today’s time, various digital advertising alternatives exist for the astute and aggressive digital marketers. Innovations come; influence the existing market and go. Nevertheless, the one digital marketing strategy that has been making waves high since long without losing its steam and vitality is Digital Marketing Videos. Qualities of Digital Marketing Videos Modern clients prefer […]

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Ice Bucket Challenge: The Best Example Of Viral Marketing

A unique marketing technique through which a company persuades internet users to spread information about its products or services through emails, video clips, games, such that it get passed onto other internet users as well is Viral Marketing. In a nut shell, viral marketing is a form of online word of mouth publicity that a […]

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Role Of A Viral Music Video Of Kolavari Di In Promoting A Movie

Why This Kolaveri Di – This ‘soup’ song needs no intro and is ‘tasted’ by millions of music lovers. This was released officially on 16th Nov 2011 and was a rage on YouTube and social networking sites, ahead of its movie launch. This song was shot as a promotional song for the psychological thriller film, […]

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Exploring The Key Ingredients Of Viral Marketing: The Carrie Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

What will be your first reaction if you are a living witness to a paranormal activity at a Coffee Shop on a busy morning with furniture flying all around in the air and a guy getting slammed against the wall by some invisible hand? Freak Out? Run for Life? Freeze like a stone? Or Laugh […]

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