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Web Analytics: How To Use It?

Till a few years back, people and organisations created websites just to show their online presence. But nowadays people have started realizing the importance of not just having an online presence but having a meaningful online presence. Gone are the times when there were only static pages on a website. Companies are now investing money […]

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Top 7 Fundamentals Of Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics ? It is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing Web usage.Web Analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors on a website.But before we jump into creating our Google Analytics (GA) account or any other analytics account we need […]

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Top 14 Web Analytical Terms

Before discussing about the Top 14 Web Analytical Terms i would like to elaborate about what is Web Analytics,If we search the word analytics in google we can see that within 0.33 seconds we get about 56,80,00,000 results.So what is Analytics? It means the technology and the associated tools for data analysis to get vital […]

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Top 20 Web Analytics Tools

In simple terms, web analytics is the set of strategic methodologies that enable to assess the online activities by extracting, analyzing and categorizing the quantitative and qualitative data with a view to maximize e-commerce activities. To analyze the same, on-site and off-site patterns and trends such as users’ viewpoints, website traffics, unique views on websites, […]

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