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MaassMedia Used Google/Web Analytics To Gain 10% Increase In Leads Generation

     -     Aug 18th, 2014   -     Case Studies, Web Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

About Maass Media: MaassMedia, LLC, is a boutique digital analytics consulting firm, head-quartered in Philadelphia since 2008. The team of MaassMedia experts  provides their services across digital analytics under the sub categories below: Analytics engineering Statistics and analysis Data visualization Testing and optimization All of the above sub categories focus on building a data driven environment […]

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Watchfinder Leveraged Web/Google Analytics To Gain 1300% Hike In ROI

     -     Aug 11th, 2014   -     Case Studies, Web Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

About Watchfinder Watchfinder, is a renowned UK brand, retailing in pre-owned luxury watches, since 2002. It started with the idea of buying and selling luxury time pieces over the internet which seemed to be quite a challenging task in 2002. However, a good business sense and continuous determination turned this challenging task into a company with […]

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Top 5 Web Analytics Mistakes That May Derail Your Business Train

     -     Jul 28th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     2 Comments   -    , ,

‘No Mistakes, no learning’, same principle applies in digital world space. Human beings do not follow the right path until they tend to make mistake by themselves. However, sometimes doing mistakes can really hit the  business hard. Today where the businesses are striving hard to be competitive and profitable, they sometimes make mistakes by ignoring […]

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3 Must Read Tips To Succeed With Web Analytics

     -        -     Web Analytics   -     1 Comment   -    , ,

Digital Marketing has already proved its blessing for the businesses around the world. The governments of the developing and developed nations have increased their investments in Digital Marketing space. We can expect more research and literacy in digital marketing space and Web Analytics is getting more technical these days as different tools are having many metrics to […]

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Top 3 Web Analytics Tools You Can Use To Succeed In Business

     -     Jul 21st, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     1 Comment   -    , ,

Change is the only constant in today’s digital world. Even the business giants like Facebook and Google constantly striving hard to match the changes coming in the digital world. This niche digital market has opened many doors for the entrepreneurship especially in web analytics space. The experts and professionals are selling their business consultancy to […]

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Trygg-Hansa Used Web/Google Analytics To Gain 15.1% Hike In Conversion Funnel

About Trygg-Hansa A Swedish insurance company, subsidiary of  British RSA Insurance Group, established in 1971 , headquarters in Stockhelm, Sweden. The company earned reputations of making its customer losses good by selling portfolio of insurance policies covering business insurance, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, accident insurance to its client. Its clientele includes offering services to […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips That Help You Improve Your Website And Your User’s Online Experience

In many bollywood movies, we see that policemen using the same language as the criminals use in their daily life. They justify rude behaviour by saying that policemen needs to think and act like criminals to catch hold of criminals and remove them from our society. The same logic applies here in Web Analytics space. To make the visitor’s experience […]

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2 Tips By Web Analysts For Using Google Analytics In Best Possible Manner

We all know that Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most efficient tool in Web Analytics space. As per the Google search, 51% of fortune 500 companies use GA in their digital marketing strategies. Though the tool seems to be simple in its demonstration, however, it can be one of the most complex tool […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips To Set The Right Platform For Using Google Analytics Tool

     -     Jun 30th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     3 Comments   -    

We all find ‘Rags to Riches ‘, stories quite interesting. Now we see this quite often in digital space. People become celebrity over night and count of likes become currency for them. Lot of case studies have showcase the power of Google Analytics in transforming the business into Rag to Riches, however this has not happened overnight. […]

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Top 3 Web Analytics Mistakes Ruining The Business While Using Google Analytics Tool

     -     Jun 27th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     3 Comments   -    , ,

Can anyone know a person who had never made a mistake in his or her life? Lets try to relate this word with brand title ” Being Human” because mistakes are inseparable from being human. Human beings from all walks of life make mistakes. But lets not justify doing mistakes rather try to keep a […]

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