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Top 5 Tips On How To Do Smarter Web Data Analytics

Analyzing the complete data of a website from the perspective of understanding optimizing the complete web usage. Web analytics is one of the most important tools that is used in market research. This tool helps a company to measure the results of several marketing campaigns lead by them. Web analytics contains the complete information about the […]

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Do You Know How To Do Smart Web Data Analytics?

Google Analytics tool is a potential platform to derive the specific insights from the data, provided that the analyst is aware how effectively the tool can be used. The more you are aware about the tool you use, the smarter will be your analysis. Do you know how to do smart web data analytics?  Let […]

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Learn To Do Smarter Web Data Analysis

Learn how to do smarter web data analysis with these simple tricks to extract meaningful IABI (Insights, Actions the leadership should take, Business Impact) data. We are all aware of Pareto’s Principle – the 80/20 rule, and it applies perfectly even to web data analysis. In most of the tools we use for analysis, we […]

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