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Webinar Recording: 3 Simple Methods Used In Sourcing Highly Targeted Prospects

Even though an individual is a great marketer or one of the best sales personnel, but what really matters is the strategy correct? Is the sourcing happening from the right contact, is a great cause of concern. It is important to analyse and trace the answer to the question- ‘how can one source contacts using […]

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Webinar Recording Of How To Create Social Media Strategies?

     -     Oct 14th, 2015   -     Social Media Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

In the simplest terms a Social Media Strategy is a strategic plan for how a company will incorporate social media into business.A Social Media Strategy is a blueprint that will guide your company at every stage to take decisions for social media activities.It should help you make the work flow efficient.The strategy should enable your […]

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Webinar Recording: Success Secrets Of Over 400 Marketing Pros

     -     Sep 17th, 2015   -     Digital Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Advit Sahdev CEO & Founder of ODigMa shared the top essentials of a marketer’s mindset with a view to success in each and every marketing campaign and put forth the same through this webinar led for Digital Vidya’s participants. Q&A During Webinar With Advit Sahdev Q- You mentioned that in one of the slides about treating […]

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Webinar Recording Of Social Media Analytics

     -     Sep 8th, 2015   -     Social Media Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Creating and publishing data without analysing its credit-worthiness is like cooking the food and not serving it. There are no two ways about the fact that analytics is a crucial element in any marketing campaign. Apart from website analytics, social media analytics is something that enables you to get an overview on how to go […]

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Webinar Recording Of Grow Your YouTube Audience And Become A Star!

     -     Sep 7th, 2015   -     Social Media Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , , , ,

A research clearly states reveals that watching a video has more impact than reading billions of words. The biggest hub of videos is YouTube that has a user base of over 1 billion users having over 300 hours of video getting uploaded every single minute. To throw light upon how to leverage upon YouTube as […]

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Webinar Recording Of Are You Ready For The Mobile Mindshift?

     -     Aug 4th, 2015   -     Mobile Marketing, Webinars   -     2 Comments   -    , , ,

With the rising level of dependency on mobile, it has become the need of the hour to have a strong mobile presence. In the present day scenario, it has become essential to understand the shift that is happening in the mobile space, viz. the mobile mindshift. As a brand, it is crucial for you to […]

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Webinar Recording Of Marketing Innovation In The Digital Age

     -     Jun 29th, 2015   -     Digital Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

It has been correctly stated that “Innovation is like the act of breathing, being alive…Brands survive and thrive on innovation!” With the continuously evolving and dynamic environment, it has become important to innovate the marketing strategy to be able to sustain in the stiff competitive world. To leverage upon the new innovative techniques for marketing […]

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Webinar Recording Of How To Conduct Successful Webinar Series

     -     Jun 8th, 2015   -     Digital Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    ,

Over 2.5 years of conducting Digital Marketing webinars through industry leaders, influencers and experts, Digital Vidya has successfully put forth 90+ webinars so far, with the list just increasing day-by-day. Digital Vidya’s Co-founder, Kapil Nakra shared the insights and journey of the company and shared the secrets on how to conduct successful webinar series so […]

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Webinar Recording On Content Marketing – The Key To Success For SEO In 2015

     -     Jan 19th, 2015   -     Content Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Content is undoubtedly, the king of for any digital marketing campaign. It is crucial to have a good knowledge base on what content marketing is all about. Wish to leverage upon content marketing to attain success in terms of SEO rankings in the year 2015? Get to know about how to leverage upon adequate content, […]

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