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7 Important User Engagement Metrics For Your Website

     -     May 30th, 2016   -     Web Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Businesses these days are always striving to create a website with high-quality content which attracts the right users. Thus, after putting so much time and effort it is important for the business to know how the users are engaged with the website. User engagement metrics measure what users are actually doing with your website. Having […]

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Top 6 Off-Page Optimization Activities To Boost Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization basically works on two types of techniques, one is the on-page optimization and other is the off-page optimization. These two techniques are used to rank websites in the search engines. Once on-page optimization is complete the off-page optimization is done. Off-Page Optimization is a very important part of search engine optimization as […]

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Impact Of Social Signals On SEO

Social Media is very powerful. Everyone is present on it. So businesses, big or small, are advised to be present on all the social platforms. Strong Social Media presence is considered as a prerequisite in the image building exercise. On Social Media, Information spreads like fire through social sharing and retweets.  In the absence of […]

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Learn The What, Why & How Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has slowly shown businesses, whether big companies or one-man shops, how important it is to have Google analytics tracking your website traffic. It can, in a nutshell, help the decision-makers take the guesswork out of growing the business. If you are new to Google analytics, then you have come to the right place. […]

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3 Ways To Drive More Website Traffic Through Pinterest

There are no two ways about the fact that social media is a crucial element for your businesses’ growth. So, you do put a lot of efforts in researching and writing lucrative content for your website? Do you publish quality content on your website and post blogs on your website? Are you wondering that despite […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips For Boosting Online Sales

Web analytics is a tool that is not  used optimally by the businesses today. It has huge potential for playing a crucial role in boosting up the online sales but the businesses either do not understand how to use it or simply tend to ignore the valuable information provided by it. Here are 3 effective […]

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6 Basic Steps To Escalate To Higher Levels With Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has proven to be one of the best marketing strategies in the contemporary digital world. A well thought and meticulously crafted inbound plan can do miracle for any business. The potential ROI could be very high for wise investments in inbound marketing, provided the following SIX BASIC steps are executed passionately. STEP-1: Craft A […]

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Samsung Used Email Marketing To Gain More Than 14 Million Impressions On Its New Page In 1 Month

About Samsung Electronics:  A South Korean multinational conglomerate whose business interest includes telecommunication equipments, consumer electronics and other electronic appliances. It is the flagship company of the Samsung group and a major revenue contributor. Nowadays, Samsung has established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the smartphone sector. Samsung’s Business Objectives:  Samsung wanted to increase […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips That Will Surely Give Your Business A Boost

     -     May 20th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , , , ,

Without going deep into explaining about Web Analytics or its functioning part, here are some steps you can always look for or follow to push your business towards success using  analytics: 1. A separate analytics Dashboard: Build your dashboard separately on Analytics that will allow your user or clients and bosses to understand how it […]

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4 Myths About Web Analytics You Should Not Fall Prey To

     -     May 10th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     2 Comments   -    , , , ,

Best website ever made in the internet world is like a sign board in the desert if it has no traffic. The frustration of site not providing expected needs can be worse than no traffic at all. This is why web analytics and optimization is highly recommend now a days. But as they says existence […]

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