Tanishq’s Social Media Strategy Revamp To Improve Engagement!

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logo (1)The branded jewellery line from Titan industries was not very successful when launched in 1994.The Indian jewellery market then was very unorganized and with Tanishq launching gold jewellery in 18 carat and predominantly Western designs didn’t do wonders for obvious reasons.

Tanishq tried to correct two things: the positioning and retailing. The positioning was changed from a more Westernized offering to more Indian. The 18 carat range was extended to 22 & 24 carat ornaments. As far as communication was concerned the brand in 1990’s talked about purity of gold and transparency the communication now is woven around the progressive and modern women. Tanishq’s communication strategy is 360 degree.


Tanishq surprisingly had relatively high fan following amongst males as compared to females mostly in the age group of 31-40.However, the brand also had the highest number of negative traffic flowing in the same age group of 31-40.Moreover it’s online launches were merely product line launches and offers which resulted in low engagement. Thus the overall strategy of the brand was to be popular on social platforms as an aspirational brand across age groups and genders with high engagement. The digital medium has brought the brand closer to the customer, taking the customer-brand relationship to a higher level. “With 12.2K, 4334 likes and 7877 tweets in Twitter and 925718 FB fans, social media platforms have played a great role in the success.The social media mechanism is worth discussion particularly.

Tanishq’s Social Media Strategy Revamp:

The brand had reasonable fan following however because of lack of right strategy for customer engagement the level was ever wavering & very few people went beyond just liking the post. The rate of comments and shares were discouraging because there was pretty little to speak about the posts. However Tanishq changed it’s stance soon when it launched the integrated social media campaign called ‘Confessions of a bride’  that celebrates the unique proposition that a judicious new age bride has for her wedding. The campaign was highly engaging, it encouraged all independant to-be-brides to confess their secret wedding wishes to Tanishq and stand a chance to make their wedding memorable.They celebrated the story of  Sandhya, a bride who wished for an exclusive underwater photo shoot with her fiance Rahul. She confessed to Tanishq and the brand took her by surprise by making her dream come true.

One could login through Facebook and click on Confess now button. A confession form requires you to fill up details like where did you first meet and your favourite moments with each other, apart from your wedding date, your confession and a favourite photo of the two of you. The ad had huge fan following on You Tube with a reach of 189,238.

Tanishq – Celebrates Remarriage

At around the same time in 2013 Tanishq broke ground with a bold commercial which was a revolution wherein it showcased a dusky bride with a daughter, getting married second time.The ad had huge fan following on You Tube with a reach of 1,297,850 and 5713 likes.The brands Facebook page garnered 547 likes 96 shares and 66 comments. The new TVC not only attracted Likes and Comments but also over 1,500 new fans.The brand witnessed a fan growth rate higher than the sector average.The tweet about the TVC was well received. Though the brand has witnessed better engagement around contests in which the followers can win prizes, after the ad was introduced to Twitter, the brand received more than 200 @mentions.


Now Tanishq offers jewellery lovers the freedom to change colours every day. Tanishq launched ‘The Palette’ – an innovative premium fashion accessory that lets jewellery fans mix and match semi-precious stones in 36 colours with a gold ring in yellow, pink and white.

The brand rolled out an innovative digital campaign – “WhatsYourPalette’. Tanishq invited  users to tweet their favourite colour using the campaign hashtag and see it come alive in a masterpiece.It didn’t take long for #WhatsYourPalette to trend on Twitter.

An artist is seen creating the masterpiece for the campaign. He is choosing the most voted colour to continue making his masterpiece. Users can participate by clicking on the gemstone of their choice, tweeting with the colour hashtag and watch the artist bring it to life.


Digital is not just being present in the relevant channels but to speak the voice the brand stands for. It is important for a brand to go beyond just ensuring posts. Engagement impacts conversion greatly. Social is a great platform to build a personality for the brand and connect with the audience. It is important the brand connects and is loved, rest of the things eventually follow.

Video credits: Tanishq

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