Tata Salt Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Increase Its Twitter Follower List By 200

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Social media marketing has now become the life line for an organization to grow. The entire marketing scenario has changed over a period of time and everything has started revolving around strategies implemented to make a successful presence in the online world. The success and the failure of a brand these days does not depend only on achieving sales targets or introducing innovative products, instead, brand’s success is now highly dependent on how well they  connect with their customers.

Many innovative strategies are brought into practice in order to make the service or product available to a large section of people. The advent of internet marketing, social networking sites and social media marketing has changed the way the marketing strategies are viewed and organizations are using these strategies innovatively and extensively to achieve their objectives.

Recently Tata Salt increased their number of Twitter followers using social media marketing and the outcome was praiseworthy.

TataSalt_logoAbout Tata Salt

Tata Salt was launched in the year 1983. The brand immediately struck a chord with people because of its origin from one of the most trusted business house, Tatas. The brand Tata Salt was the first one to introduce iodised, hygienic and standardized salt to the Indian market. Tata Salt’s tag line, ‘Namak ho Tata ka- Tata namak’, ’Desh ka Namak’ and most recently ‘Gulmil Ke’ helped people to emotionally associate themselves with the brand. Tata Salt also increased their brand’s value by introducing many healthy products like Tata Salt lite, Tata Salt Plus and Sprinklers etc. keeping in mind the requirements of people belonging to specific segment. These brand building strategies helped Tata Salt to capture the most trusted brand’s position consecutively over the years.

Tata Salt has now ventured into the online world as well. They have started using various social networking sites to reach out to a large number of people. Tata as an organization is known for its honesty and loyalty. In order to spread their vision further and to make people aware of their core values, Tata salt came up with an interesting campaign called ‘Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai’ on social media. This campaign forced people to think beyond themselves. The campaign was very thought provoking where Tata Salt gave an opportunity to people to think how they can help their society in their own way. The entire campaign was so heart touching that thousands of people willingly participated in the campaign. Five time World champion and Olympic medallist, MC Mary Kom was chosen to be the brand ambassador for this campaign which gave an additional boost to the entire program.

Business Objectives of Tata Salt
  1. Tata Salt aimed to carry their legacy of honesty and loyalty further by launching the ‘Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai’ campaign where people could share their stories of achievement and how are they making an effort to uplift and touch many lives in their society.
  2. Tata Salt wanted to increase the number of visitors to their site, Desh Ka Namak.
Strategies Used by Tata Salt

India is a nation of rich values, traditions and culture. Loyalty towards somebody is considered to be the most valuable character that one can possess. In this nation with such diverse culture, salt is considered to be a symbol of honesty and loyalty. Tata Salt used the tag like ‘Desh Ka Namak’ to emphasise that the brand was loyal to its people. They promised to provide high quality hygienic food product, rich in iron and iodine. Tata Salt could attain their success by adhering to these rich values.

Tata Salt launched the campaign ‘Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya Hai’ and used the following strategies to include thousands of their fans and gave an opportunity to people to provide valuable service to the society.

  1. Brand Ambassador: Selection of a perfect brand ambassador helped to leverage the campaign. Five time world boxing champion and Olympic medallist, MC Mary Kom became the brand ambassador of ‘Maine Desh Ka Namak Khaya hai’ campaign. She was the right person for the campaign. The campaign beautifully depicted the hardships faced by Mary Kom along the path to win a medal for the nation. Mary Kom belonged to a poor family, but she always dreamt big. She was so fascinated by this game that she was always ready to compete and train, overcoming all the adversities bestowed on her by the society. Her strong will power to succeed in the field of boxing took her to achieve greater heights by winning various championships. Mary Kom didn’t limit herself by bringing laurels to her nation alone. Instead, she decided to serve the society and opened a boxing academy where she started training many children. This very thought caught people’s attention and motivated  many others to emulate her deeds. 
  1. Sharing inspiring stories: There are many unsung heroes in this nation who go unnoticed because of their circumstances and lack of appropriate platform. They do their bit to spread happiness in the society. The website gave an opportunity to share inspiring stories in the form of photos, texts or videos.
  1. Facebook as a medium: Apart from the website where people could just login and post their stories, Tata Salt went for social media to promote the campaign. The main website was also connected to Facebook which is a social networking giant, through which people could login and share their stories.
Results Achieved by Tata Salt

The entire campaign was a grand success. The following were the results achieved by Tata Salt:

  1. The stories posted on the website has inspired 650 people till date.
  2. Facebook fan base crossed 26K which is a huge number.
  3. Twitter page has witnessed an incredible increase in its Twitter follower list by 200.

Tata Salt as a brand has served the society in numerous ways. Their ultimate motive was to create awareness among people, that earning money and laurels, should not be the only goal of an individual. One must always remember that the society nurtures us in some or the other form. One must learn to give back to this society to shape others’ lives too.

To spread this message, Tata Salt used Mary Kom as a role model. Her struggle to achieve her goals in spite of all the setbacks has inspired people all around the world. She has been a value addition to the society and has made us all proud of our country. Tata Salt’s initiative to bring out such inspiring stories was very well appreciated. Using social media helped Tata Salt to connect to thousands of people who share similar thoughts and gave them a unique platform to inspire others!!!

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