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Thanks To Hootsuite! Manage Your Time Spent On Social Media Well!

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45With social media platforms burgeoning at a rapid place, it seems difficult and cumbersome for any individual to keep a track of all the profiles on various platforms;more so when one is using these platforms for business use. Any body can imagine the plight of an individual who has accounts on any 4 or 5 platforms, namely- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus and more. The confusion and the consequent inefficient use of these platforms then follows and thus the purpose remains unfulfilled.

To solve the mystery of efficiently managing multiple social media platforms we have It is a system which effectively and efficiently manages social media especially for business brands. Hootsuite was developed by Ryan Holmes, a Canadian computer programmer and internet entrepreneur, in 2008. Hootsuite  user’s interface takes the form of a dashboard which integrates various social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, MySpace, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Mixi, and TrendSpottr.

Hootsuite’s campaign works across Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Vine and Instagram. Campaigns in the form of photo contest, video contest and text contest can be organized with ease. This user-generated content can be leveraged for future purposes.

Here is a list of features of Hootsuite:

  • Engagement– Social media is all about building relationships with existing and potential customers with regular conversations. While it may sound good, maintaining and execution of social media conversations slowly and gradually becomes problematic. Here Hootsuite comes to our rescue. It effectively integrates over 25 social media networks allowing its users to optimally engage with their customers. Thus, it enables its users to stay updated on global as well as regional social media platforms. For questions which are repeatedly asked by consumers, it allows it users to save their responses for future use thus saving time. With a single click anybody from the team, from any department or any region can instantaneously reply to the comments, messages and queries asked on various platforms from a single dashboard. Besides hundred’s of messages can be uploaded at a single click. When the user decides to schedule Facebook posts and Tweets on Twitter at specific times, the posts are automatically posted at those times. It even facilitates its users to target the posts according to region, language, sex and age group. Hence, Hoosuite helps in nurturing customers, in building relationships that lasts forever.
  • Listening– One of the most important aspects of social media is listening and understanding consumers,their perceptions, their needs and their desires. Entire exercise of social media can falter if listening to consumer’s views is not paid due attention. Thus, adequate monitoring of social media conversations is an essential part of social media marketing. Hootsuite provides its users with tools to locate leads from conversations and ensures no sales opportunity is missed. It offers conversation maps to compare trending keywords over time, enables its users to find most relevant conversations and filters out noise from the enormous conversations taking place on social media. It even specifies the location of the relevant conversations, be it in the neighborhood or across continents and empowers its users to be where their customers are. It permits examining of social conversations in 55 languages. It helps its users to identify influencers, so that their opinion can be bent towards its users products/services.
  • Analytics– Social analytics or social ROI is important for measuring the results of investment on social media. Hootsuite provides real-time social ROI with its instant numbers and actionable data from across the range of websites. Its tools provides its users with data of when and where social profiles are growing, break down the audience in terms of gender, continents, nations, states and even cities. Its tools enables to know whether the conversations are positive, negative or neutral. Its tools tell which social content is generating revenue, clicks, likes and which content is having no influence. It helps generate geo-specific content and posts at optimal times to maximize impressions.
  • Collaboration– Teamwork among the social media marketers plays an important role in the success of any social media marketing strategy. Hootsuite has demarcated a role for itself even here. It helps build team chemistry in organisations with its organisational tools where each team is allotted a project, a department, a region. It empowers the manager to decide the level of access to be given to teammates, appoint team leaders and oversee the group activity. A team once provided with a project and a particular region can be assigned tasks by anyone in the organisation. It even offers notifications when a task  is completed so as to cut down duplication of work. Its system enables to designate team leaders  to approve outgoing content because internal discussions are so smooth within team members, unnecessary meetings and e-mails can be easily skipped.
  • Security– Protecting valuable social media accounts and maintaining brand reputation is a must these days. Hootsuite provides all tools needed for this as well. Hootsuite’s security programme provides safety against social media threats and employee errors. All social accounts are completely secured with any number of team members and can revoke or give access to any social account without sharing passwords. Its users decide which team member is to be given access and how much, who can publish content is who is not permitted. Whether its users user wifi or any mobile devices, all passwords are secure and safe. Safety notifications are given on the spot on detecting any suspicious activity on the account. With its double approval system, employee errors and errors of posting on the wrong account can be minimized.

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