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The Ability To Ride The Motivation Wave In Search Engine Marketing

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The act of searching in search engine sites indicates an urge to find out or learn something. You might have had an interest in learning how to practice yoga, how to play an acoustic guitar and slowly by slowly something triggers you to search for a yoga teacher, a professional guitarist or a guitar, an instructional YouTube video.  There is a search trigger that occurred at an accurate time and for some reason you experienced a motivation for that behavior.

As an online marketer you have to reach out to these trigger points and take an action. By trigger I mean the psychological trigger that engages the target audience with the content or triggers them to like, share, follow and add a positive comment on your blog. The triggering behavior enables customers to search more and improve your rankings in the search sites.

When there is more motivation there is an ability and willingness to work harder. When I’m super excited knowing about the benefits of practicing yoga, then I’ll put in my best efforts and practice it for long hours even though if my back hurts. But if I’m unmotivated, I will try to skip the hard exercises and only work on the easy ones like deep breathing for 2 minutes or just move my hands and legs without any efforts in a lethargic manner.

As a marketer, I want customers to take an action when they visit my blog or site. When someone finds an easy available e-book on search marketing, one would like to download it immediately rather than spending money on courses. This part of triggering is called, a call to action where the person without thinking further, takes an immediate action of downloading the e-book.

Follow the right ways to use motivation wave:

Reduction of risk: If you are an e-commerce website and you find out that there are more clicks on the accessories tab on watches, you can make it easier for customers by making a separate tab for watches and create a list of national and international watches so that it will be easy for them to make choices and be motivated to take an immediate action of purchasing watches. Risk reduction makes it easier for customers to perform immediately and helps to increase your sales.

Increase ability:  As an e-learning site I want customers to visit my blog watch instructional videos and read articles to learn and gain knowledge in their choice of area.  Unless I build up my blog with valid information about current trends and attractive examples the customer won’t be motivated to come to my blog. The ability to motivate a customer is unstable and short lived. The capability to reconnect is crucial by having conversations and reconnecting them to the surge of desires.

Understand the motivation wave: Remember that the prospects/ customers are always looking for their own benefits of what we’re selling. The simplest way to motivate them is by showing them an easier way to get there. Now that I understand how to stimulate the motivation wave, if I have a cooking recipe blog, I put down the recipe in words and upload videos, after analyzing the number of visitors I get to know that most of them found it easy to watch the recipe videos rather than reading. Therefore, I will increase the number of videos and to make it more interesting the end of the video could have tips about cooking.

If you want customers to visit your site, analyze and improve your search engine marketing results. To ride the high motivation wave in search engine improve your content.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Hi Smitha, I would simply say ‘WoW’. Its very good writing. I liked the directional and instructional approach. You could have avoided the words “Unless I build up my blog with valid information about current trends and attractive examples the customer won’t be motivated to come to my blog.” This is your ‘personal quality’ and you should not otherwise evaluate your own contribution in blog.

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Thank you Dr. Indrajit. You are too kind. Very useful information I will keep this in mind for future articles.

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