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The “ART” of non profit social media

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There are virtually a million brand pages on social media websites owned by big companies to connect with their audience. The enormous size of population accessing social media networks is increasing everyday with a varied genre of people with varied reasons to get online.

This has also drawn a lot of attention from non-profits and even companies doing CSR as part of their business to give back to the society.

While it is fairly simpler for brand pages to interact with the users, it is all the more difficult for non profits to get the attention of its user base on social media. Since the audience is niche and the content is limited, here is the “ART” of Non Profit Social media.

Associate: The primary focus of non-profits should be on getting acquainted and associated with the people that they are looking out for. There are more people out there who are willing to get along for a cause than get along with a monopolistic company earning in millions already. Using advanced targeting settings and pay to promote features on social networking websites it gets easier to get the cause spread to thousands within no time and less money. Following groups that advocate a similar cause and getting along by taking part in online debates, webcasts and quizzes helps in getting a non profit find a room in its own neighbourhood.

Reap: Raising funds through social media has proven to be effective, easier and quicker over a period of time. Connecting on-ground events through social media channels helps in cashing out more, reaching out to a wider audience network and hence reaping more benefits. There has also been a rise in community financing to finance a social project which directly correlates to the power of social media and its virality.

Though Leadership: After being established as a known and a trusted non-profit in a field, the non-profit organization can start proving its thought leadership. Thought leadership is more than just writing articles, it is about becoming a true resource. This is also a great opportunity for curating content for your social media pages. Thought leadership has also in time proven to exert positive influence over potential followers and improving the image of the non-profit from “yet another fund-raising” organization.

Though there is a lot more than ART behind social media for non profit, the above summarises the science beneath.

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