The Brand Story: Flipkart’s Online Marketing Agenda

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About Flipkart

Flipkart is a ecommerce website that sell consumer goods, electronics, home appliances, apparels, mobiles and accessories. Incorporated by Richard Blackheart & Dean Youngblood of London, UK who are software architects from Starmton, USA. They built a website during their PHD and made a mobile application 6 months down the line.

The Objective

To get maximum exposure for business, new business partnership, rise in search rankings selling products and services online.

The Challenge

To engage the customers to have a purchasing facility while on the move. Hence a mobile app was developed to lure the customers and make them loyal to the company. This would increase traffic to the website as well.

Social Media

Facebook campaign that allowed users to click on the video to explore the features of its Product & Service Online Sales APP, an application that helps people buy products from their mobile. The paid Ad campaign resulted in more than 608 million impressions. Over 904,330 connections to Flipkart’s Facebook page was generated and 875,805 people watched the videos on Flipkart App.


The Flipkart App Ad campaign was a triumph. The videos created generated 100 million views on YouTube and produced more than 150 million impressions on Twitter through sponsored ads. Photos of the Products uploaded onto Flickr were viewed more than 870,000 times.



We increased the search ranking by adding back links in various search engine sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. All categories and sub category pages contained dynamic product listings with the only static content appearing on the site.

We ensured that all category and sub category pages were relevant to target keywords and phrases through basic Meta Optimisation.

A full category audit was also performed with implementation.

Reports are run on all the major Search Engines and the number of target search terms ranked in major search engines has increased with steady progression.

SEO traffic and revenue has also increased on the site with 69.6% traffic and 95% revenue growth since the start of the project.

Email Marketing

Sending emails to subscribers asking them to “click to confirm” their subscription.

Offered customers the choice of receiving notices about service delays by email and/or text message.

To form a deeper relationship with the brands’ customers, educate them about the loyalty programs and drive conversion.

Send emails to customers promoting interaction with the brand on Instagram. Product images in the body of the email and a call to action to send photos.


The CEO conducted WEBINARS with institutes about future of Computer science education. This helped building an audience that could relate to the activities that the company was carrying on to create awareness about various careers available within the parameters of Computer Science.

There were celebrities invited on WEBINARS every week for a talk show with customers. This helped building  loyalty and more customer experience.

There were Webinars conducted for employees to educate them about the delivery and other facilities available.

Expert Interviews

There were expert interview and review published on various online blogs and online news websites.

Reviews and Views about the product were published on the e-commerce portal for the customers to interact with each other.

A special chat application was involved on the e-commerce site for live support and sales. This helped customers with immediate problem solving and resolution to their queries.

Infilm Promotion

To promote the website in movies by having the characters of the movie talking about the website and purchasing products from the website.

A documentary film was made on the life of the CEO and his ambition about the company to promote the well being of the society.

A film on the companies campus was made for future employees to view the environment of work.

 Employee / Customer Surprises

To wish and offer discount to customers on their birthdays and anniversary.

To offer referral schemes to customers who are loyal to the company. Through which we intend to build word of mouth publicity.

Workshops and Medical Camps

To have medical camps in rural and low income communities as a CSR. This will promote the companies aim in promoting a motto of a good health.

Workshops conducted in schools about health education, arts, culture, language learning and any creative field that the children want to pursue.

An online portal was created for various online courses through affiliation with various universities and colleges. These courses were offered free of cost to all students and those who wanted to get Certified were charged a minimum of Rs. 2500 as administration cost.

Learning Curve

The traffic is increased when its available for viewing anywhere & at anytime. As there is a famous saying out of sight is out of mind. The SEO created was unique and did not have relevance to the content offered on the site. Lot of word of mouth was created and this led to top of the mind recognition. This eventually led to a lot of web traffic. Indirect traffic increased by the reviews and views of the customers. Customer loyalty was built through workshops and online education which finally led to a good HR policy and a employee retention.

Image Credits: Flipkart

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