The Centre Leveraged Email Marketing To Achieve 555% ROI In 4 Months

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Case Studies, Email Marketing

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About  The Centre

A London based training company which provides training courses in areas like communication, management, administration, personal effectiveness etc. The company has been providing affordable and effective training for the past 18 years to organizations in all sectors.

The Centre’s Business Objectives

The company wanted to explore new marketing channels besides the traditional marketing campaigns. The main aim was to focus on online marketing campaigns which can boost its brand image thereby increasing its ROI.

 Approach Adopted By The Centre

The Centre partnered with Pure360, a specialist in digital marketing automation. An email marketing template was tailor made which was consistent with The Centre’s website and brand image with the support of Pure360. This email template, which was used for all its campaigns has features as follows:

    • Links to The Centre’s website menus.
    • Automatic tweeting and social media updation status for The Centre once an email campaign goes live. This provides the online version of the email, so that people who hasn’t received the mail can read it online.

Results Achieved By The Centre

The results were outstanding with the company achieving 555% ROI in a period of 4 months. Also after initiating the new email marketing strategy, the company’s website traffic as well as the booking for the training courses has increased  unprecedentedly .


Earlier The Centre adopted a more traditional approach to marketing, which affected the booking rate of the training courses. But after adopting the new approach, which concentrated on the online user experience and innovative email campaigns, the company experienced a boost in the website traffic and  thereby increase in booking rate and ROI.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Too brief text. Case study requires little bit more description.

    • John Abraham

      Thanks Dr. Goswami for the feedback. Will take care of it.

  2. Mayank

    Good post. Another case where the co. effectively integrates email marketing with social media marketing. Interesting part was the automatic tweeting, social media updation and online version of the mail for the viewers.


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