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The Five Important Essentials In Email Marketing Content

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Email Email-marketing-june2011marketing is an important module in today ‘s business market and ensures an  interactive two way personalized engagement with the customer for sharing relevant        information or prompting the customer to buy our offering or service . This is scalable and an  automated procedure which sustains a sticky long engagement with the customer for a length of time . There are various elements to be considered in drafting the content which is the most vital  element in e-mail marketing .

The Five main highlights have been defined as :-

1. Subject line :–

This is the first most prime sentence to prompt the customer to open our mail
So utmost care has to be taken to ensure that subject line entices the audience to read our content
a) It should state a benefit of our offering / product or service
b) We could incorporate a question generating interest –e.g Is your car giving 20-25 km mileage ?/ Is your Mutual Fund ensuring better returns ?
c) Scarcity tactics can be employed to compel the buyer to get engaged fast like mentioning validity of offer –Hurry offer valid till 31st Dec
d) Numbers and lists can be mentioned e.g- 7 effective ways to lose weight

2 . Sender’s id :–

This is the second most important element i.e we could include our company name in id to capture the buyer’s interest . Mails should not be send from ‘no reply @ company ‘ as buyer would not respond . ID should include senders name or company name to let the buyer know that mail is from a valid reliable source and contains some relevant information.ID could be mentioned as newsletter , info @domain or news @your
Also if the mails are send from same user representing the company the likelihood of the buyer opening the mail are better

3. Personalisation :–

This is essential to make the buyer feel that we have personalized the conversation and ensures that they showcase interest in our offer or respond to our survey . Also we need to check we have named the customer correctly with the right format i.e Mr /Ms .This is better manner to address the buyer rather than mentioned ‘Dear patron ‘ or ‘Dear valued customer ‘ . We should also ensure that the content should not use spam trigger words so that the mail reaches the inbox directly and not the spam folder. This can be ensured by getting a spam check done on the content before forwarding to the buyer. If the content has too many words then it needs to be broken into chunks (small paras ) so that the buyer remains engaged and is not distracted from the content . The content should also be accurate and brief and we could also try segmenting the mail to check how the content appears on our cell as most of the mails are checked by the buyers on the move , in transit to work or home or during lunch breaks ,If the content is not attractive in mobile, then the mail could also get deleted

4. CTA : –

Call to action is the prime important button to ensure that the buyer is keen on getting enrolled to our services or is keen on buying our product / offering .CTA should be clear and precise and have wide spaces around the button . CTA varies as per sales funnel stage i.e message to be conveyed in the CTA button would be different for forwarding information , creating interest to requesting for buying the offering . CTA should direct the buyer to the landing page which could be the company website , cart or check out page . Also CTA should always be above fold (buyer should not need to scroll to click CTA ).Multiple CTA’s also should be avoided in the content
The best site for placing CTA would be top left corner or centre of page.

5. Unsubscribe :–

This is mandatory , giving the buyer to opt out whenever he finds content irrelevant This could also be controlled if we send our mail to opt in database and relevance of our mails are controlled .Most of the times buyers unsubscribe as they feel they are being bombarded with too much of information and at too frequent intervals . If Unsubscribe option is not provided then there are chances that the customer might place our mails in spam folder which will affect our sender score and could also blacklist us .Also all those who have unsubscribed should be removed from our database. It is always recommended to first send the e-mail to a small segment to check the manner in which the e-mail opens , CTA & landing pages can be scrutinized before its sent to the entire database .

The hard and soft bounces need to be managed effectively before the content is forwarded to the targeted audience. E-mail can be a very successful tool if the above mentioned elements are followed and incorporated well in our campaigns .

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