The Gift Experience Leveraged Email Marketing To Increase Sales By 17%

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Out of all the platforms for exchanging messages in internet, email have always been the king of all. Email is easier to use and most effective as compared to all other medium. A Facebook page needs atleast 10-15 posts a week and a twitter account needs at least 20-26 tweets to keep your customers engaged with your business but, 2-4 emails per week per person is more than enough to help to increase the rate of conversion as well as increase the traffic in your website.

This fact is very well identified by ‘The Gift Experience’ company which made them to go for email marketing to increase their sales. This was a very wise decision indeed as it helped them to finally increase their sales by 17%. A catchy subject line and a relevant personalize message in a mail is a very effective means of communication. Email marketing has always proven to be of great use in converting and getting a large number of visitor resulting in increased traffic in your website. The key to success in email marketing depends on how good is your segmenting. Personalized emails according to the customer segments will make your targets clear and effective. This will also help you increase overall rate of conversion.

About The Gift Experience

‘The gift experience’ which is known for ‘Experimental Gifts’ and ‘Experience gifts’, a UK based company stared in October 2003. ‘The gift experience’ have been recognized as the fastest growing segments in gift industry with $253 billion in its pocket. They have unique ideas for gifting along with material gifts, the best thing they offer as gifts is experience of some adventurous activities like, skydiving, racing, etc. They even provide tours as an offering of gift.


‘The gift experience’ has been awarded the business of the year in 2013. Today the family-run business of ‘The gift experience’ is grown faster than ever before by leveraging email marketing with the help of Pure360.

Challenge Faced

‘The gift experience’ was well aware of the upsides of email marketing but the problem was to implement them in their website. As there were mix types of people ordering gifts in their website, there was a problem of segmenting their customers. They were in need of a tool which can assist them in segmenting their customers in too some meaningful categories in their data base for sending emails and with that they wanted a mechanism to send different emails of their campaigns and offers to targeted segments of customers at right time. They were also in need of an expert in digital marketing who can help them in making their website effective.

Strategy used

pure360-logoIn order to get some superior quality results in email marketing, ‘The gift experience’ took help of Pure360 to make some changes and build up a strategy for email marketing. The positive changes in the number of visitors and conversion rate was visible soon after the implementation of their email marketing strategy with the help of Pure360.

Pure360ensured that ‘The gift experience’ get the best possible tools and techniques for email marketing for superior result of their practices. They started with the use of ALT and title text. The feature such as Intelligent Time Sending which is used for scheduling the email sending time according to the best time possible of receiver’s normal mail opening time, had proved to be of great use. One other feature named Subject Line Selector, had also taken away the pain of searching for a catchy subject line. The Subject Line Selector automatically selects most catchy subject line for driving receivers to click open the mail. This made the email more accessible to customers and more intelligent way of sending.

The right timings of the campaigning were sent out by ensuring that emails for campaigns were sent automatically at right time. This was made possible by the proactive account management created by Pure360 for ‘The gift experience’. They could see a stipe increase in the graph of conversion rate and rate opening of emails after the use of these strategies.


The very objective of ‘The gift experience’ for taking help of Pure360 to make use of email marketing to increased their sales. And this objective was very well fulfilled as we can see they have an increase of 17% in sales. This was a great success for ‘The gift experience’ as they even witnessed a growth in large number of visitors after the use of email marketing tools. Segmentation has helped them in a great way to align with ‘The gift experience’ main goal to provide personalized gifts to their customers. They made their campaigns more effective by use of email marketing tools with the help of Pure360.


Email marketing is still the king of all online communications. We can see how effective the use of email can be in digital marketing. The results were promising. Email marketing have open doors for better segmenting of customers in separate database of ‘The gift experience’ for better CRM (Customer Relationship Management). So, all those who want to convey messages to your customers must try email marketing strategy for better results.

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