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The Power Of Social Media Discovered At The Social Media Week 2015

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The Social Media Week 2015 was a grand affair and since the concepts, talks, sessions and other activities revolved around the social media domain, it was truly an engaging, interactive and informative week-long session. The Social Media Week which happened at Bangalore from 23rd-27th February, 2015. Here is one of the excerpts from the week-long event.

Abhishek Majumdar, Co-founder of The Logical Indian, which started working from December 22, 2013. The Logical Indian is one of those concepts which has gained a lot of popularity within w very short span of time. The concept of The Logical Indian is quite popular on the social media platform -Facebook as compared to all the other social networking sites. The prime reason behind the popularity of this page is primarily because of its high quality content. The posts, tweets, updates etc. that reflects on this page directly connects to the people at large. This is so because people share their personal experiences, real-life incidences, success stories and other similar stuff which can bring together the society. Abhishek shared the journey of The Logical Indian so far.

The Birth of The Logical Indian

It was in the month of May 2013 when Abhishek had been to Calcutta to stay with his mother, wherein she had bought a flat and wanted Abhishek to help out with the shifting. He did not have any internet connection there and he could barely access 2G on his cellphone. He had to stick on to the television set all-day long.

Since he keenly follows the news channels so for that one month duration, he was glued to the television set, watching the Indian television news channels. It was there that he encountered the present sorry state of Indian media. The ‘bhavishyvaani’, ‘saas-bahu’ updates etc. are considered as the breaking news. He personally felt that there is a need to take the spice exasperation business out of the news and rather provide high quality content.

When you run a 24 hours news channel, you have to run contexts and that was the period, he aimed down to Bangalore and along with his brother Anurag and friend Sanish and coined that there is a need to do something about this state. However, they had several limitations, of them the major two restrictions where none of them were from the journalism or media background, neither did they had any connections with anyone in the media industry. Secondly, all of them were struggling with their engineering studies and backlog and they had lost all hopes of anyone offering them with any job to secure their future. Thus, finally a lot of discussion, they decided to move ahead.

With the power of social media and lack of resources on their part, starting up with a Facebook page seemed to be the best option to them. Thus, they started the page- ‘The Logical Indian’. The vision of doing something to leave the world better than we all found it. Within a short span of a year and a month, they currently have 2.3 million community members on Facebook and over 2.5 million monthly views on their website.
The Logical Indian’s website was launched recently in the October 2014. their combined social strength is 5.1 million, which is purely organic. He further substantiated that they did not do any post on Facebook till now and neither do they plan to.

They purely believe that this page is for people who are purely looking for content and they want the people to find The Logical Indian.

The Crew of The Logical Indian

Currently, where they stand, they wished to have a core dedicated team. They then started off with the Facebook page and eventually when people started loving their content, they started to reach them out and asked whether The Logical Indian can help them out with the problems. The people started to join in and the team is young. The Logical Indian is a combination of Youth+Patriotism and comprises of a team of 15 people. The enthusiastic team shared had come so far to be a part of presenting the factual information and giving a reality check by interacting with the actual logical Indians who wish to know and spread a word about the worthy topics, happenings and incidents occurring around.

So, if you too wish to leverage the power of social media the it is recommended to gain in-depth knowledge of social media. Here is a great opportunity for you to opt for a social media marketing course and flourish in this ever-growing sector.

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    • 4 years ago

      Mallika Devi   /   Reply

      The success story of The Logical Indian highlights the hidden strength of social media we all agree with but fail to realize it to the core. Social Media skills have become a must have skill, if one is to survive in this internet age.

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Interesting article!!! Social media is one of the best way to share knowledge with people. Only the thing is one should use it effectively.

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