The Role Of Social Media In Making ABCD 2 A Grand Success

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ABCD2The social media campaign executed for the movie ABCD 2 which became the most successful campaign in the country this year. With lots of contests, promotions and online media integration helped the whole campaign go viral on all the charts across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Objectives of the Campaign:

The primary objective of the campaign was to create a buzz for the movie ABCD 2 in order to persuade people to go, watch and enjoy the movie.

Implementation of the Campaign:

In order to create the maximum number of engagements, numerous contests and online promotions were integrated into this campaign. The movie makers got themselves associated with top brands like Ponds,, ETC entertainment, etc. in order to promote this campaign through heavy means. The following were the key points which define the core strategies of this campaign:

  • Ponds men took the initiative of inviting all its followers to participate in this new campaign. Ponds Men got connected with the people on Twitter using the hashtag #GetRecharged. The users were just asked to answer some simple questions. The winners with\the maximum number of correct answers will win exciting Ponds Men merchandise. Some tweets from the campaign:

  • At the day of the release of the much awaited movie ABCD 2; connected with the users on Twitter using the hash tag #DanceToExpress. The users were asked to participate in the contest and tweet the name of a song of the movie. The users were also asked to tag one of their friend to whom they would like to dedicate the songs. The lucky winners would win free couple movie tickets for the movie ABCD 2. Some tweets from the campaign:

  • For the promotion of the movie ABCD 2, UTV Motion Pictures connected with people on Twitter using the hashtag #ABCD2InCinemas. The users were asked to answer ten simple questions around the film. The lucky winners who would answer all the questions correctly would win couple movie passes for the movie ABCD2. Some tweets from the campaign: ABCD2 tweets
  • ETC Entertainment connected with the users on Twitter using the hashtag #ABCD2onETC. The users were encouraged to participate in the contest where they were asked to complete the song of the movie given to them. The lucky winners would be gratified with a couple movie tickets to the movie ABCD2. – For every social media platform, creative pictures & videos were created and shared at a larger scale. Some of them were:ABCD2 pic


Results Achieved:

1) Facebook o Facebook Page

980K likes and counting. o 142,231 Likes and 1,120,350 views for official trailer on Facebook. o Nearly 15 million Facebook users reached.

2) Twitter

0 A total of 13K followers were garnered on this social platform. o Tweets per day chart from May 27th 2015 to June 26th 2015:ABCD2 Tweets per day

3) YouTube

o A total of 7.3 million views with 36K + likes for the official trailer.


Overall, the strategy has worked big time. The trailer generated huge buzz on social media, amongst the masses and the trade. Despite hitting the screens on working day, the movie was able to make approximately 14.30 crore which is the highest opening day collection of 2015. And the movie still continues the golden run at the box office by achieving 100cr mark worldwide till date which is double the collections as compared to their 1st part in just a week.

Credits: flotapepost, topsy

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