The Success Of “Aur Dikhao Campaign” Of Amazon India Limited

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Amazon_logoAbout Amazon:

In 1994 an American Ecommerce Company was formed under the name Amazon that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Amazon has separate E-commerce websites for USA, UK, Canada, and France among many other countries. In 2013, they launched for the Indian Market.

What had started as an online book store is now the largest internet based retailer in USA. Today Amazon India, covers products under many categories such As Apparel, Jewelry, Furniture, Pet Products, Electronics, Books, Amazon Kindle E- Books, MP3 Downloads, Health and Beauty among many other categories and boast of having 22 million products. It is targeting consumers between 18 to 45 years of age, who have internet access.

Vision of the company:

At Amazon, our vision is to be Earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. With, we endeavour to build that same destination in India by giving customers more of what they want – vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient online shopping experience – and provide sellers a world-class e-commerce platform.

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Campaign Strategy:

According to a report published by Business Standard, the country’s e-commerce market was worth $2.3 billion in October 2014 and retail consultancy Technopak has estimated its value will increase more than 10 times to $32 billion by 2020.

The focus of e-Commerce players are now more on consumers, with functions and facilities that creates greater shopping experience. Such as ease of shopping with mobile aps, cash on delivery, same day delivery, variety of choices, heavy discounts etc.

Amazon India is a fairly new entrant in the e-commerce market. Along with its competitor (Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong & others are eyeing the greater share of the market and increase the consumer & supplier base. Early April 2015, Amazon launched the Aur Dikhao Campaign, which had two key objectives:

  1. To drive the message that Amazon has over 22 Million products for the consumers to choose from

Having studied the typical Indian consumer behaviour, this campaign was mirrored to reverberate that feeling. Indian shopper will make the shop keeper empty out the racks before they can clearly make a decision. Then they will say, keep these few aside and we will check out few more shops and then comeback. Likely to do the same with ten more stores, before actually buying the product. The Indian shopper wants a good deal with vast options to choose from. Unless they have seen the length and breadth of a shop or the market they are not satisfied that the choice is right.

According to an interview by Manish Kalra, Director – Integrated Marketing, Amazon India as mentioned earlier has more than 22 million products across hundreds of categories.  He mentioned that online shoppers are looking for more and more options before buying a product. The main objective behind the campaign was to be able to penetrate the deeper into the Tier II and III cities and make amazon accessible to the masses.

  1. To engage the existing consumers, get new buyers and create a buzz around the campaign

Amazon India’s Aur Dikhao Campaign wanted to marry this consumer behaviour of spoilt for choices to the fact that they can offer consumers a wide variety of choices from the comforts of their phones. And thus Aur Dikhao Campaign took to social media in a big way to create engagement with the consumers and attract new buyers and suppliers as well. They used both electronic media (television Ads) and social media (Twitter and You tube) for this.

Television Ads:

  • 2 minutes film that captures various hilarious scenes from typical Indian everyday household where everyone is asking for Aur Dikhao as they want more choices – was played heavily during IPL Match.
  • The video was interesting and easy to relate to with small stories – From a cake eating husband, having forgotten about Wife’s Karvachaut (fasting festival for women), then tries to pacify her with the choices of products with a swipe of his finger on the phone screen. Then when a holidaying family is shown places to visits by the guides they all ask – Aur Dikhao, or a baby who is being entertained by choices from the amazon site with the underlying message that choosing is your right, Barber giving many hair cut options or to a kid in a family gathering like any household being asked to show off his talent of copying Bollywood Actors’ dance steps.
  • The ad made by Orchard , subsidiary of Leo Burnett –who successfully was able to deliver the message to the consumers that Amazon has more than 20 million products on offer. And all they need to do is swipe a finger.
  • The ads had the catchy “Hindustani dil kehta hai…Aur Dikhao…Aur Dikhao.” That was catchy and stayed on with the consumer.

This campaign was extended to the social media platforms with videos on YouTube and Twitter with the #AurDikhao.

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  • Amazon Aur Dikhao Video

    Aur Dikhao Tv Ads

    Aur Dikhao Video


  • Twitter handle was created as #AurDikhao
  • They took a personal approach and communicated with various celebrities to Brands. Like asked a comedian to share more jokes to even communication with the other brands like Red Bull.
  • Various contest were also run with the same twitter handle.
Amazon Campaign Tweets

Amazon Campaign Tweets

Amazon's Tweet with Red Bull Brand

Amazon’s Tweet with Red Bull Brand

Amazon Campaign Tweets

Amazon Campaign Tweets

Amazon Contest

Amazon Contest

Amazon's Tweet With Comedian

Amazon’s Tweet With Comedian

Campaign’s Success:  

  • The ads and videos loaded on YouTube got more than 21 lakhs views in mere 8 months. The catchy tune stays on with the viewers.
  • Many parody of the video can be seen even now loaded by people that clearly shows consumer engagement with the campaign on YouTube.
  • The contest on Twitter increased people’s participation, they followed the campaign and the #AurDikhao with its interesting creatives and tweets.
  • Around the same time as the campaign, in April 2015, Amazon India was steadily increasing its seller base, by offering self-registration by the vendors / sellers on the site. At the launch of the service, Amazon states that the seller base get added as many as 1000. Today it has approximately 6500. The increase also saw that the site had more options of products to choose from.
  • Without disclosing actual sales numbers – amazon spokesperson in an interview to, said that the net sales have increased 300% compared to same period last year. The number of units sold has also increased by 500%.
  • According  to a news report on Times Now  – Amazon is the most visited E-commerce site way above its competitors. With the fact that they are the newest entrant in the market its a great achievement.

 aur-dikhao-amazon (1)

Key Learnings:  

The Success of the campaign can be contributed to the fact that

  • The Ads during IPL match has the entire cricket Fan of the nation buzzing with the AurDikhao and that moved to the social media sphere where amazon interaction personally with the consumers.
  • Created a social engagement with the contests and tweets with celebrities and Brands, keeping the campaign interesting and fresh.
  • It chose everyday situation, catchy name that worked very well with the mass consumer. It was based on a simple aspect of every Indian’s shopping nature, which everyone identified with. The campaign highlighted simple everyday activity while giving their message of more choices on amazon. People identified and connected with the same faster at all level.

Source:, Business Standard,,, & Twitter

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