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The Ultimate Guide To Double Your YouTube Subscribers

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YouTube SubcribersMost of the engaging and highly potential post is considered as videos in almost every social media platform. But still people fail to get a good popularity of their videos in YouTube. This is why, an ultimate guide to double your YouTube Subscribers is so necessary. When Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim opened this video sharing website in 2005, they might have never thought they until 2015, it will be one and only mass video blogging and video sharing website. Their popularity and essence made them a part of Google in 2006.

The free video running platform made marketing professional ads even easier. The essence of YouTube for promotion activities is really cost save. A platform where people share 300 hours of video every hour by 2014, you can imagine how big the competition for your company to be seen. But, look opportunity to gain those 15 billion visitors who visit YouTube every month. The reach that your video can create when is published there, and the beautiful part is, people make it viral by sharing it in socially integrated platforms, if they like the video. But for that you must be able to get some fan for the channel that you are creating for sharing your videos. This end will be taken care of when read this ultimate guide to double your YouTube Subscribers.

The Ultimate Guide to Double your YouTube Subscribers


Gaining viewers, subscribers, likes, or comments is not that easy even though YouTube is a free platform, what will make you different is this guide to double your YouTube subscribers. Here you will learn how to make your video interesting and how to target them to the right crowd, who is waiting for the your kind of videos. Just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices for your website to be seen at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), you must have to fix certain elements of SEO. Same way you will need to take care of few guide lines, if you want more number of people to subscribe your video. This guide to double your YouTube subscribers is a series of such guideline which can help you gain the popularity of the video that you are looking for. Once you get the right kind of people to subscribe your channel, the wheel of popularity is on move. They will keep coming back to watch your new uploads and will act as an evangelist.

#1 Set a Theme for Your Channel


There is a very cool feature that YouTube provides there users. Just like the way you watch your favorite TV channels, the same way they allow you can make up your own channel. However, the sweet difference is, in YouTube you don’t have to pay a million Dollars every month to be in that channel, like that of TV channel. That definitely have to be a boon when you can make your own channel without any fee and give your own name to it.

But to make people to watch your channel you have to put down a specific theme for that channel. It’s not like you keep on uploading hell lot of videos without of different theme. Take a look at your TV channels, what do you see? There are cartoon channel which show just kid stuff, different entertainment channels. So the same way you must be able to put down a theme according to the viewer that you like to focus through your videos. Only then they will subscribe it and keep coming back to play your new video, every time you upload it. YouTube Subscribes are actually the fans of your channel, so you better keep them happy.

#2 Concentrate on Image Thumbnail, Headline, Tags and Description


When someone come upon your video, the first thing they notice is the Headline, the Image Thumbnail and the Description. The image have to be relevant and attractive enough to drive people to make them see more of it. You can do that by manually uploading an image from the video and use it in the Thumbnail in the video editor, or you may use the automaticity generate image thumbnail of the video editor. Make sure that you use attractive heading. Reports say that the maximum number of search in the YouTube is “How to” videos. So, take some time to analyze some keywords mostly search inside YouTube. After all, number of people search for your Headline are you potential YouTube Subscribers, and that’s what you finally want. Putting tags will give you better chance of gaining YouTube Subscribers as it will help to get all those seeks of the tag category to get a chance to see what you upload. Descriptions must include some relevant facts about the video that you have uploaded. If you got your own website, this will be the best place to highlight it.

#3 Annotations


Now a days, you might have seen few rectangle sized transparent boxes that appear before the YouTube screen when you see YouTube videos. Those are known as Annotations. This are like pop up call to action button which will help your viewer to take particular action when it is clicked. This is one best way to remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Even after watching a great video people tends to forget to subscribe to the channel. So, use of annotations will help you get those YouTube Subscribers.

#4 Post Great Content

Ensure that your post is relevant enough for the audience that you have targeted by your channel theme. People watch only if they find your video helps them to gain that content which they were looking for or else there are million are videos waiting which they can get just by clicking free of cost. The time and data that they had used for your video must be a returned with a relevant content inside it. However, the quality of video don’t make you lose any YouTube Subscribers, unless it is really inaudible or hard to view what’s inside it. You must make sure that you post frequently, it is because your YouTube Subscribers will keep looking for your videos. And when cannot find anything new inside your channel, they will move out.

#5 Engage with your Audience


It always necessary for anyone using social media to engage with the people. After all, the every mean of social media is to get social. So, when your views put up a comment under your video, you better answer them soon in a proper manner. It is highly likely that your YouTube Subscribers will have question and controversies to know more about your video. They will find it really helpful if you can provide them some info by replying through comments.


Now, you may see it’s not that hard as you see from the number of videos uploaded every hour. That competition will matter nothing in front of you. If you can follow this Ultimate Guidelines to increase your YouTube Subscribers. This is something that you will need to care about when you are posting a video for your channel. And remember to make one channel with a theme if you don’t have yet.

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