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Things Not To Be Done On LinkedIn Groups: Advice for Sales and Marketing

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There is clever advice for marketers and sales people from making mistakes listed below. The industry is widespread with consultants offering best practices on LinkedIn. They also offer to sell services around and helping to get started and grasp the power of network.

Below listed are some rules that one should follow when starting up with LinkedIn.

  • It is okay if a marketer is a member of 40 groups, but as a rule, his blog post will be relevant only to a handful of groups. Therefore, he should make it a point to vary his post according to the audience with highest interest and relevance.
  • The rule here is quality and not quantity. Three to four groups that a marketer focuses for a minute each per day trumps 40 what he drive by once a week. He should think what a buyer is going to spend time on more than two or three groups? Basically marketer’s job is to figure out which ones they are.
  • Don’t post on an Alumni group unless it is relevant to that group. For instance, if the marketer has worked at Micro Strategy and post his story of experience or learning from working there.
  • Whenever a marketer post something to a group, he should always add a comment, challenge, or a reason why he is posting it, so that the group members can relate to the topic.
  • When starting up with LinkedIn the best way to engage is to read and comment on others post and ask question. A marketer should know the about group before he starts posting anything.
  • Many LinkedIn groups doesn’t allow blogs or links as it is a forum only group. If the marketer wants to ask something then it is a good place to put up a question and if his insights are helpful then people would check his profile and visit his website. If he post an article in these groups, he will be given a warning and if he re offends then he can directly be ejected.
  • The base of LinkedIn is to build reputation as someone with something of value to say with the audience and group administrators. A marketer should not auto post everything published by him to the groups unless and until it is his own group.
  • It is absolutely okay if something is posted from other people’s group provided it is relevant and will be of value to the group.
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