5 Innovative Things SEM Marketers Are Exploring Right Now

5 Innovative Things SEM Marketers Are Exploring Right Now

SEM basically stands for Search Engine Marketing and the basic idea of this internet marketing is to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine pages, particularly through paid advertising. SEM marketers ideally seek help of SEOs/content writers to incorporate search engine optimization and try to adjust or rewrite content and site architecture to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance Pay Per Click (PPC) listing.

With the advancements in SEO technology, SEOs have become much more sophisticated and are making attempts to curate link profiles, kneading keywords into title tags and creating a sitemap that is perfect for crawlers. While some breed of SEO and SEM marketers are pioneering the sites that would dominate the search engine results or SERPs of today and tomorrow.

Some of the things that are being currently explored by SEM marketers are explained below:

Implementation of Schema Markup


The budding SEO innovators are up-to-date and are leaving no stone unturned to make the client’s website ranked number 1 on Google rankings. The schema markup is the next wave of search innovation that makes your search listings more visible and enhances your click through rate. The search engine leader, Google constantly on regular basis tries to refine search results for the good of the end user.

Markup Schema, with the help of its powerful Knowledge Graph application, is known to be a sweet spot for SEO application. Recently, it was found that 36% of Google’s search results include at least one snippet with information which is derived from Schema.org.  It is interesting to note that other search engines are also fond of schema markup to enhance their website rankings in the market, however due to some or the other reason they are not able to make optimum use of Mark-up schema.

Some of the underlying reasons why other search engines don’t favor schema mark-up are listed below:

  • They are not aware of what schema elements they should add
  • They have no idea on how to implement schema
  • They have no idea that it’s a taxing thing for SEOs

Refining and Optimizing Hyper-local search

Local seo research

Today the end users have become much more demanding and quick; hence, they expect advance local search results on websites. By understanding the user’s needs and wants, Google has become quite smarter about local search results.

The advances in online market have been so significant and vast that Bricks and mortars, who solely rely on local optimization, have been scratching their heads as to the best way to get on the Google radar. Hence, if you are using algorithms that is not giving you the expected search results, it’s time to ramp up your local game to come on the same page with Google’s changing local algorithm. This is why innovative SEM and SEO marketers are optimizing a business for local search by emphasizing the business’s neighborhood.

SEM marketers nowadays are experimenting with the title of search results. They add descriptors in your business title for Google places and implement neighborhood name descriptions and optimize your business website with the neighborhood name. It thereby helps Google maps to define your neighborhood and add that neighborhood listing to all local citation occurrences.

Communicating with the Content Marketers, the developers and the marketers, and with everyone around the e-commerce sphere


In the day and age of digital revolution, no SEO is sitting alone in his or her cubicle, but having their hands in everything. A business also depends on smart usage of digital marketing tactics/tools and on the influence of the SEO.

Some of the areas where SEM marketers are playing a vital role are explained below:

  • Gives a piece of advice to content marketing team on content marketing keyword implementation. It is seen that content marketers are usually smart but at times they need to interact with other SEOs on the team to amplify their effectiveness.
  • Helps content marketing team to understand which guest posting opportunities are lawful. While content marketers survey the blogging landscape for guest posting opportunities, SEM marketers on the other hand, examine the choices to determine which one will benefit the link profile.

Staying Informed on latest trends and Algorithm updates



To beat the best of best SEM marketers in the online space, every SEM needs to have an awareness of the big industry and algorithm changes. Those who are well-updated about the Digital marketing are more likely to be better positioned and predict the future. And if SEM and SEO are skilled and well informed about the online industry, a company would do well to exploit that inquisitive nature inherent in SEOs and may make good use of SEM‘s knowledge and skills.

Google Algorithms keeps on changing and are only one part of the vast tectonic shifts that are currently rumbling in the underground of web marketing. There are several other Search Engine Marketing newbies who are aggressively on a lookout to dig new tricks and methods to drive more traffic to their websites and sell products and services. Now-a-days there is more to search than just search as search engines generally touches on many other areas depending on the product/service.  Hence, to stay in line with the SEO developments, SEM/SEO marketers need to be adept with latest trends and advancements in the digital world.

Emphasizing on Branding and its improvements



Quite lately, Marketers have started linking Purchase Relations and SEO in their business as their association provides good returns to the business.

It is seen that a company’s branded search results have extremely high value in a slow but steady advance of intuitive search. So, a professional can expand his/her brand footprint if he/she is able to pursue content marketing such as guest posting. In the day and age of cut throat competition, you can’t expect to do SEO without including the element of PR. It holds true especially for individuals such as though leaders, entrepreneurs, and niche experts. The public stature of the person has everything to do with the optimization of their web presence. This is why SEO and PR need to be thought of and not to be considered as two separate disciplines, but as two sides of complex polygon, known as digital marketing.

So, there some of the things that are being experimented by SEM marketers in the digital world to drive traffic to their websites and making the client’s website on the top of Google rankings.

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