Think Tank Photo Leveraged Web Analytics And SEO Techniques To Increase Revenue By 29%

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Case Studies, Web Analytics

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About think Tank photo

Think Tank PhotosLogo itself display the nature of the company i.e. Creativity. A group of 2 designers and 2 photographers established a company in US in 2005 to understand the needs of professional photographers and develop the new inventive carrying solutions. Basically, the company deals in designing and selling the camera bags and accessories across the professional photographers community. They ensure that the photographers should protect their investments by the products like camera shoulder bags, backpacks, belts etc.

think Tank photo’s Business Objectives :-

Think tank photo online store was not able to serve the customer in their online-purchasing experience. Therefore, they need to take the orders over the phone which seems to quite frustrating for customers. The company strategically divided its objectives in 3 parts as below :-

  1. Develop a new website which make the customer online-purchasing experience better in terms of order execution.
  2. Maintain the high rankings over the search engine to increase the visibility of their products
  3. Create a responsive design of website which can display the product properly via different mediums like mobile phones, ipads and other devices.

Approach Adopted By think Tank photo :-

The strategic team approached the Blast’s design team for their online marketing services including SEO strategy and implementation, Implemented CMS platform, integrated Analytics with ongoing reporting and conversion optimization. The blast team has created a new user-friendly website with the responsive design, site responsive to different devices which include more interactive features.

Results Achieved By think Tank photo :-

think Tank photo excited to see the successful launch of new website and continued profitability. They also clearly see the increasing sales, site traffic and the user experience. The below listed points really made the difference as :-

  • Website attain in top 5 ranking with majority of targeted keywords
  • 24% increase in products purchased
  • 31% increase in user completing the transactions
  • 29% increase in revenue

Company reaping the fruits of Blast’s marketing services, decided to form a strategic partnership with the firm considering their future growth prospects.

Learnings :-

In today’s competitive world where businesses are fighting for tight margins, Digital Marketing especially search engine optimization and Web Analytics certainly giving them a big push in maintaining a huge growth relative to their competitors.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good post. But, a brief introduction was required to understand ‘Blast’.

  2. Karun Takkar

    I take your feedback – Thanks Dr. Goswami!


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