Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses Leveraged Email Marketing And Recorded 53% Open Rate

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About Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses

Thomas Cook is a well-established and renowned name in the international travel sector. Established in October 2010, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses (TCSB) is an entity that was formed to bring together Thomas Cook UK and Ireland’s scheduled travel operations under a single specialized management structure.

With the employee strength of over 850 people, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses’ has its offices at Preston, Peterborough and Chester in the UK. The extremely dedicated and highly experienced team of professionals at Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses, operates seven of the UK’s leading travel brands carrying 7,50, 000 passengers overseas each year.

Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses’ Business Objectives

Ideally, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses’ wanted to accomplish the following business objectives:

  • Primarily, to engage the customers through more relevant content.
  • Secondly, to build a strong preference centre for the customers.
  • Lastly, to put a re-engagement strategy into action for the inactive subscribers.

However, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses wanted to seek the best business solution for its brand

Approach/Strategy Adopted by Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses

Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses appointed Silverpop –one of the leading email marketing technology providers to get email marketing solutions. Thus, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses decided to appoint Silverpop with a view to bring about more focus on the quality of customers and enhance the level of engagement for the following three brands:

  • Gold Medal
  • Pure Luxury

After getting associated with Silverpop, the first and foremost approach adopted by Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses was that the company began to work with Silverpop’s on-boarding specialists. This was done to run and accelerate customer engagement on Silverpop Engage. Once this was done, within a time span of one month, TCSB began to work with one of Silverpop’s product advisor team such that it could figure out not only long-term strategies to accomplish its business goals but also achieve quick wins as well.

For this, the prime solution that was taken care of by the product advisor was to build-up a preference centre and to begin collecting customer information. This information was supposed to be used to send out more specific and relevant communication to engage the customers. Amongst the questions that were put by in Thomas Cook’s innovative preference centre included:

  • What is the preferred type of offers and holidays?
  • What is the frequency of communication?
  • What were the most chosen and interesting destinations?
  • Questions regarding the types of travel and travel companion.
  • What were the preferred viewing platforms viz. mobiles, tablets or computers?

The resultant factor after realizing that there were certain customers who specifically wanted the subscriptions from only, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses leveraged upon this opportunity by putting their email communications on hold using Silverpop’s ‘Snooze’ function. By using the ‘Snooze’ function, any prospective subscriber can temporarily stop communications for a time frame of up to 12 months.

Besides this, another approach adopted comprised of closely working on identification of major customer behaviour segments, along with product advisors of Silverpop. After conducting an in-depth analysis of the database of, it was discovered that there were following groups of customers:

  • Engaging user group, who would regularly open/click emails
  • Active user group, who would regularly open emails
  • Bookers’ user group, who would book their packages with
  • Dormant user group, who would never open/click emails or book with the company.

After comprehending the status of email viewing customers, to gain the attention of Dormant user group, Thomas Cook relied heavily on Silverpop’s programme functionality, wherein the prime focus was to incentivize the inactive subscribers by presenting them offers worth 500 Euros eligible worth duty-free vouchers.

This attempt enabled Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses to witness and impressive track record in the travel sector.

Results Achieved by Thomas Cook Scheduled BusinessesPrint

The email marketing campaign triggered off by Silverpop for Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses’ presented the following quantifiable results:

  • TCSB recorded 53% of Open Rate which was the highest open rate ever recorded for any sales campaign.
  • There was an increase in average revenue per transaction by 4.4%.
  • 7% Inactive subscribers were could be re-engaged.

The email marketing activity was strategized such that it thoroughly incorporated consumer behaviour based on which the entire sales campaign was driven.

Here is what an Email Marketing Executive at Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses had to say about this sales campaign:

“Working with Silverpop’s services team allowed us to put together a strategy based upon best practices, and then execute upon that strategy. As a result, we are able to better understand the needs of our subscriber base and are now seeing our highest engagement rates to date because we’re sending more relevant communications.” -Zara Foxcroft, Email Marketing Executive, Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses


The business objectives which were set-up by Thomas Cook Scheduled Businesses could have been accomplished by hiring Silverpop –one of the leading email marketing technology providers.  Thus, association with Silverpop proved to be a fruitful engaging idea that enabled the travel company to work towards targeting customers in a more dynamic, interactive and engaging way. This further ensured that emails comprised of content that added value to the customer’s experience.

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