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Three habits of successful content marketers

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Content marketing involves creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to gain customers. This information can be presented in variety of forms like news, video, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, photos, etc. Content marketing dose not aim at selling but on communicating with prospects and customers.
On one hand industry is growing and has a long way to go, whereas on the other hand confidence is growing up as many marketers start to get it right.
So to get more deep into it below given are three trends that shows exactly what the most effective business to business(B2B) content marketers are doing.
1. There should be someone appointed to oversee content
73% of B2B marketers have someone in charge of content marketing strategy. But majority of best in class marketers has someone to oversee the content strategy. Thus someone is necessary to manage content marketing. It is important that the organization designate at least one person who take full responsibility of content marketing. This person is in charge of completing the content goals that need to be accomplished by the organization.
Even if the business is small and if they don’t have the budget to hire a devoted person, then the company can appoint one of their manager to supervise content production.

2. Should have documented content strategy
Among the most successful marketers, 66% of them have documented strategy. Although overall only 40% of B2B marketers follow documented strategy. There is no content success without strategy. If the process is functioning without any strategy, it is the time to stop working like that and any success that has been observed through the process without any content strategy is due to sheer luck.
It should be figured out what content marketing does for a company. Write down the goals, plans to achieve those goals and indicators that should be used to be successful.

3. Social media should be used more frequently
B2B content marketers use approximately 6 social media platforms. In addition they are using all social media channels to share their content. Linkedln is the top most social media channel used in maximum by the B2B marketers, while Facebook is behind by 10 points. Other social sites that have experienced increase in their use Slideshare, Instagram and Google+.
Basically no content marketing initiative is complete without a social media channel because social media draws in awareness of the content and this automatically have an impact on lead generation.
Thus as a B2B marketer, the content should be repurposed specifically for each social media site, so as to capture the interest and engagement. The aim is to maximize brand’s online exposure.

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