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Three ways to make Facebook Marketing mobile friendly

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Nowadays almost everyone access Facebook. In fact many Facebook fans use their mobile to check their updates. According to Facebook’s fourth quarter report, 680 million of the company’s one billion monthly active users access Facebook from mobile devices.
Thus the business and brands should make sure that any marketing effort they add to Facebook should be mobile friendly, including custom apps, advertising and, email etc.
Here are three things you can do until Facebook fine tunes its mobile experience.
1. Make sure that your email is mobile friendly
Part of running a good Facebook campaign is promoting. So the promotional efforts should be easily visible on mobile, including anything that is sent via email. According to a report 40% of Americans who use mobile currently read email on them and it is predicted by email marketing forecast that the number will jump to 78% in 2017.
Collecting data through custom apps includes building of an email list and if the email list is being built through a custom app on Facebook, then you should make sure that the email you send is mobile friendly.
Generally it happens that when people receive email that isn’t optimized for mobile, they close it immediately. So be alert and don’t send such emails.
Make sure that the subject lines are short and sweet. As you know that the mobile users are multi-tasking, you have to use a direct call to action which means use short subject lines that are attractive and does not take much time to be read by the user.

2. Target sponsored stories to mobile users
You can select where your Facebook ads can be seen. Facebook allows ad managers to place ads so they’re viewable on desktop, both desktop and mobile, or only on mobile devices. The mobile ads are limited to sponsored stories, so when you have some important update on your page, choose to pay for a sponsored story that will be visible on fans newsfeed and networks on their mobile devices.

3. Make sure that the Facebook apps have mobile capability
If your fans cannot access your Facebook contest, or Facebook app n their mobile devices then is not useful. So when you choose a third party app, make sure that it is mobile friendly.
This is important because some apps created on Facebook, doesn’t work on mobile devices until the developer uses smart URLs to check whether the user is on mobile device or desktop.
Smart URLs modify the content, so that it’s easy to see, use and read.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good guidelines. Please tell us how an URL to be used for content modification.

    • 5 years ago

      sourabh rana   /   Reply

      Which mobile apps you recommend to create facebook mobile optimized emails ?

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