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Timeless Question: Quantity or Quality for Your Social Media Marketing

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X has 2 lakh plus fans, we have 3 lakhs……………we keep on hearing such boastful statements but do you really feel this towering fan acquisition actually work for a brand. I don’t think so.

While writing this, a friend of mine , sitting next to me is pinching me hard and telling me “A large fan base has many advantages- you get a lot of visibility, more traffic to website, blog and ultimately increased popularity and revenues for brand, this is what we want isn’t it”. But…..what if your lakhs of fans are mere dummies?

 Recently we have seen rising number of social media agencies who make claims of increasing your fan base, I mean now you can buy fans……eew this sound so cheap. Is it really that important to have a large fan base, let’s check…?

Numbers work wonders
……….  But not always!

Initially large Fan numbers may attract many to your page but if your page doesn’t have content it won’t be able to maintain its fan base and in worst cases instead of publicity, your brand may get doomed. As non-relevant audience won’t be interested in your updates and even some naughty ones might be busy posting spam or crap on your fan page, result your fan page might become notorious for some weird posts.


Take an example- Suppose Brand X posts about its new product on its fan page, now it has golden chance that their new product will get huge visibility via its large fan base ……….this all sounds so true …….but wait  my  friend you seem to have forgotten about Edge-ranking on facebook.

Merely posting update  is not going spread message to wall of all your fans, for this your community needs to be actively engaging, means – more likes, comments, participation by fans and that would be possible only in case of closely knit community of relevant fans.

And all efforts will go waste if we don’t get relevant target audience as message will remain restricted to a few.

Quality & Quantity need to hold hands

A strange fact “numbers do matter for some fans”, thin audience numbers on your page might be a deterring factor for many, therefore you can’t deny the importance of fan numbers.

Therefore to be a smart brand you need to strike a beautiful balance between quality and quantity of fans. But don’t over spend your energies on increasing fan numbers.

After all “It’s better to have one true friend rather than having hundred fake ones isn’t it”…




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