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Times Internet’s Mobile App Astrospeak: Your Personal Astrologer

Times Internet’s Mobile App Astrospeak: Your Personal Astrologer

Astrology is one of the favourite topic of discussion transcending age groups and genders. In the olden days sages used to provide accurate and reliable predictions. However in today’s day and age reliability quotient of a predicted event happening is a big question mark. So people refer to multiple guru’s seeking advice and ascertaining the probability of happening of a predicted event. Sometimes people keep a track of their daily horoscopes just for fun. I remember how many times I have taken a newspaper in hand and read about my daily horoscope. If it was written my day will go well I got that extra positive booster shot in my system and at times when it was written that I may face hurdles I just choose to ignore it. Whether it for fun or seeking advice on serious problems, Astrology continues to be an important part of our lives. With the advent of internet coupled with free information people prefer to visit astrological websites out of curiosity or sometimes just to track their favourable and unfavourable planetary positions.

Times Internet, India’s largest internet network and digital venture from Times Of India Group has launched ‘Astrospeak’ a mobile app based service offering astrological advice. This app is available for iOS and android users. Once user downloads the app from the iTunes and google play store users have to provide their birth date. App aligns itself to the users sun sign according to the birth date. Users can subscribe for daily notification and can also ask a specific question. App helps users to seek astrological advice concerning their relationships, daily lives, career, health, personal, financial needs etc. Astrospeak is based on the premise that every person is unique hence the problem faced by that individual has to be unique as well. Astrospeak aspires to offer multiple solutions to the specific problem wherein the user has to make a choice either to seek custom or free based advice from them. Users can seek advice from credible and noted astrologers like Bejan Daruwala, Anupam Kapil, Sanjay Jhumani among others. Astrospeak is a visually appealing app which offers following services:


  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Horoscope predictions based on sun – sign.
  • Sun-sign compatibility between a male and female, either for matching horoscopes or just for ascertaining the relationship quotient.
  • Pranshnavali for real time predictions based on Chopias from’Shri Ram Charit Manas’
  • Custom based predictions from well-known experts and astrologers.
  • Love quotient calculator
  • Numerological forecast and predictions
  • Religious Calendar where one is informed about festivals, important dates and events as per Hindu customs and traditions.
  • Tarot reading based on cards designed to offer solutions to specific problems.
  • Premium services for users who wish to connect with expert astrologers.

According to Ms. Archana Vora, Vice President and Business Head of Times Internet Limited, There is a need for astrology product both on mobile as well as web which offers customised solutions to the audience. Astrospeak covers entire range in its bouquet of offering including Manglik and Kundli doshas, Bhigu Samahita and Nadi Astrology. To cater to Indian audience residing abroad Astrospeak also offers additional services like Online Puja and Prashad services. Users can do online puja by clicking on a video streaming url. Users can avail premium services like personal assistance from expert astrologers starting from Rs.1000/-. These are provided through live or deferred chats. Users can choose from over 100+ astro consultants.

Astrospeak has received favourable reviews from its users. This app is extremely easy to use. All the icons on the home page help the user to understand the various services offered through this app. It also clearly distinguishes between free and paid services. Beginners also find it easy to navigate. Astrospeak is free from the disturbance of ads and social integration. Overall a great app with good features.

Times Internet had already forayed into the astrological space with its website Astrospeak which offered services like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Vastu among others, all included in its app version. This site is very popular amongst its users registering 1 million unique hits. Average transaction per user on this website is Rs.1500/- According to Astrospeak, through their services, readers can get in depth knowledge of their daily, weekly and monthly predicted life. Astrospeak also has a descent fan following on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Other websites competing in this space are,,, and

With the success of Astrospeak, Times Internet has once again proved its cult in the digital world. Since its inception in 1999 Times Internet has emerged as the fastest growing mobile and web based network. It has business ranging from news, entertainment, e-commerce amongst other. As per Google Analytics, it reaches to over 150 million visitors and has over 2 billion page views every month across mobile and web. Overall Times Internet has a diversified set of successful digital properties and Astrospeak app is a new feather in the crown.

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