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Events are changing the way business is done. There are online as well as offline events. Events are used to activate promotion around product, service and business. Hosting an event can be profitable for the business. Such events make bring people to the stores and talk about it.

Since it is social by nature so here are some tips socialize the events online for maximum exposure and promotion:

  • Hashtags should be used

Hashtag is the single most important social aspect of the event. It is the key feature of the social exposure. It should be constant as well as sticky so that the conversation remains even after months and years, depending on the frequency of the event. Hashtags can cover all the communication sources like emails, website or socially. It should be brief, general and ever new.

  • Attendees should be empowered

The attendees are the driving force thus they promote themselves and shares the event with their friends and relatives. This can be done either by giving them a membership code and asking them to sell the tickets or the hosting company can provide them with little incentives which act as a motivation for them.

  • Going online

The event can be open up for online audience with live stream because the audience interacting online so they can share the event on social networking sites with their friends giving more exposure the event.

  • Speakers should be empowered

The speakers are important as well. They also have their own network to share. It should be made sure that they share and publicize the event as much as possible. They should be provided with pre written matter so that if they are too busy to be prepared themselves they can use it. Speaker are important to be empowered because more they are promoted more the event is publicized.

  • Assemble online

A group should be created online either on Facebook or Linkedln so that the attendees and the speakers exchange their views after the event. The attendees feel special by exclusively providing them with a club.

  • Real time updates should be provided

If livestream videos are not provided then there should be regular updates on social networking sites. Though it is not as good as livestreaming but it is cheaper and easier.

  • A fast, free and unprotected wireless network should be provided

To maintain the trend of event and hashtag, the guest should be provided with free access of wireless network. It is a better social media exposure.

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