10 Quick Tips To Boost Your Pinterest SEO Campaign

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With over 175 million monthly active users as of April 2017, Pinterest has gradually become a strong platform for social media marketers. It’s a creative platform yet very powerful place where you can pin and share your crafts, recipes and other innovative ideas with the rest of the world. With such a massive number of monthly active users, Pinterest has a lot of potentials to benefit your marketing efforts. So, let’s get started with how to boost your Pinterest SEO Campaign.

10 Quick Tips To Boost Your Pinterest SEO Campaign

Here are the ten quick tips to boost your Pinterest SEO campaign:

Tip#1 Optimize Your Profile


Pinterest logo

Besides personal accounts, Pinterest also allows businesses to create the business page on Pinterest itself to promote their companies online. These business pages can include various data, topics, and information.

In order to optimize your profile, pick the right username. It is highly recommended to use your full business’ name in the account name as well as in the username. Make sure that your business’ name is easy to search on Pinterest. For example, if you’re a boutique and your company name is “Diva”, then I would recommend you to use “Diva Fashion Boutique” as your username. If you are a jewelry boutique then you can be more specific and use “Diva Jewelry Boutique”. Both fashion boutique and jewelry boutique are the keywords people use in their searches for such businesses. In this way, you can optimize your Pinterest SEO.

Moreover, if you are running a local business, then in order to attract local customers, you may add the name of your city as well like “Diva Fashion Boutique Bangalore”.

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Tip#2 Focus On Strong Description

Focus on writing a strong description about your business with relevant SEO keywords that describe the page or product. Describe what is special about your company and why should people follow you on Pinterest.

The About section has a 200 character limit. Use this section wisely as this section can show up in searches. To maximize your visibility in search results, try to optimize it with keywords. However, to maintain consistency, it is always advisable to use the same description as your other social media profiles. Don’t forget to include your website and your location too, to help with local search.

Check out how Digital Vidya has cleverly used this limited space to convey who they are, what they do, and why a user should follow them. This section uses their name and one of the keywords: digital marketing.


Digital Vidya Pinterest

                                                                         Digital Vidya Pinterest page

Tip#3 Optimize Boards

Follow the same procedure with descriptions while selecting names of Pinterest boards. When you’re naming your boards use simple and specific names with searchable keywords. By doing this, you can increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. 

You may use up to 500 characters. Use selected keywords throughout the boards multiple times to boost your Pinterest SEO. Pinterest suggests some default title names for your boards like “Products I Love”, “My Style” etc. To optimize your Pinterest SEO, it is always advisable to avoid using these common titles for your board names.Be original and specific for each of your boards. Use those keywords that your audience will most likely search for.

See how Nutella uses original, specific words to distinguish their Pinterest boards.


pinterest nutella

                                                                                      Nutella Pinterest

Tip#4 Optimize Pins

You can use 500 characters to describe each of your uploaded pins on Pinterest. A recent study showed that pins with character counts of 200-300 get the most repins. Moreover, have a balanced approach while using keywords to describe your pins and never overuse them. Your content should be relatable to consumers as well as to search results.

Optimize pinterest pins

                                                                        Optimize pins

Check out how Urban Ladder beautifully uses their SEO opportunity to balance between communicating with their customers and still describing their products to be found in searches. They use the product description of a “Stinson bar chairs”. They tell that these chairs are meant for creative space at your place, and they include relevant search terms like “bartending”, “perfect host”, and “wine tasting”. 

Tip#5 Do Keyword Search

It is highly recommended to do some keyword research before using them in your boards and pins. It’s a crucial step as it decides the ranking of your boards and pins on Pinterest search. The best way to select keywords is to think like your consumer. Try to find out what your consumers are searching for on Pinterest.

SEO Keywords


Do a number of searches on the site of your competitors. You can even visit top ranking pinners and try to figure out what keywords are working for them. Learn from their experiences, and try to incorporate those learning experiences into your strategy. In this way, you will be able to connect better with your consumer.

You can also take the help of Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get keyword ideas. Once you finalize good keywords, use them in your descriptions, pins, and boards names.

Keyword Planner

                                                                                                   Google Keyword Planner

Tip#6 Verify Your Website

Verification of your website certifies that you or your business is the owner of your website. You can verify your website either with a meta tag or by uploading an HTML file. To verify your website, you can see the procedure by clicking here.

The verified Pinterest accounts show up with checkmarks in the domain search results. This tip can highly optimize your Pinterest SEO rankings. This step is crucial because when it comes to Pinterest search, the verified Pinterest accounts have more authority over unverified accounts.

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Tip#7 Pin Consistently

Consistency is the key to success in any domain; the same rule applies to Pinterest too. Pinning consistently surely enhances your engagement levels. Studies showed that those who pinned consistently were easily able to outrank their competitors in a short span of time. So, pin consistently and always remember to focus on quality, not quantity.

Tip#8 Use Rich Pins

‘Rich Pins’ is a new tool introduced by Pinterest in 2013. The purpose of Rich Pins is to increase the experience of the customer when browsing through pins created by companies. Rich Pins are of four types: Article Pins, Recipe Pins, App Pins, Product Pins. Unlike regular pins, these rich pins show current details about prices. They are directly linked to the product page. On the other hand, in the case of regular pins, the price has to be entered by the user himself for the Pinterest SEO Campaign. 

SEO Pinterest

                                                              Walmart Pinterest

With the help of Rich Pins, you can link your store to the product itself on Pinterest. ‘Rich Pins’ have more textual content with greater visibility on the grid. The Rich Pins have a tendency to rank better in search results; therefore, they help to increase CTR (Click-Through Rate).

Tip#9 Keep Your Popular Boards On Top

It is highly recommended to keep your most popular boards on top. By this way, you will be able to show your followers the best stuff you have. This increases the possibility to attract more users to your Pinterest profile. They may share your best stuff and the more your pages are shared by users, the better is your Pinterest ranking. See how Levi’s has beautifully utilized this opportunity to boost their Pinterest SEO Campaign. 

SEO Pinterest Campaign

                                                                                              Levi’s Pinterest

Tip#10 Attract More Followers

SEO Pinterest

                       Social Media Icons

The simplest way to get more followers on Pinterest is to promote your Pinterest account on other social media platforms. You can add the follow button to your site. By having more followers on Pinterest, you will add higher authority to your Pinterest account. As a result of this, the chances are that the rank of your Pins is higher in the Pinterest search.


I hope you found these 10 quick tips to boost your Pinterest SEO campaign useful. In short, to boost your Pinterest SEO campaign, think like a consumer and plan out your strategies, review the changes, improve your SEO. Always remember that the audience on Pinterest is very creative, so try to be more creative and visual in your approach and include more pictures because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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