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Tips To Gain YouTube Subscribers, Likes And Comments

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download (1)YouTube was established in 2005. Currently it is owned by Google. Within a short time YouTube gained popularity among students, Businessman, professionals, educational institutes, etc. Analysis shows that the human brain understands pictures, videos faster than the text. YouTube proved it’s usability to different people from different professions. For example, for students it is the great platform to learn difficult terms in the form of videos, for marketers it is the best medium through which they can show information, demo about their product/service, for educational institutes it is easy to capture students from worldwide and give them lessons through YouTube videos, webinars.  From the business point of view, YouTube videos are the great medium to address millions of people at the same time. You can share your valuable content with the large audience without consuming much time and money. You can add your comments, likes to videos.

The ultimate aim for any business is to grow business by gaining potential customers. We all agree that uploading YouTube videos are one of the best ways of  sharing valuable information about your product or service. But often marketers fails to maintain communication with the audience. They often neglect comments, likes section. Don’t forget answering comments are the best way to set two way communication between you and the audience. It is useful for your next marketing strategy. Your video success is determined by number of subscribers, likes and comments. Here are some simple tips to promote your YouTube Video.

Tip 1 – Ask for Subscribers

download (1)1For the success of YouTube video it is important to build subscriber community. But why it is important? The subscriber is the someone who has selected your channel for follow, so that they keep updated themselves with the latest information, videos posted by you. In short you can say subscribers are fans who are interested in each of your next online move. Also, Subscribers  are the best source through which your content can be shared with people through their social media channels. But how to get subscribers? Is that so easy? The answer is no it is not easy. But consistent efforts, quality and remarkable content , proper call-to-actions and right marketing approach could definitely inspire people to subscribe to your video.

Never assume that your audience will automatically come and subscribe your video. No, you have to tell them that what to do, why they should subscribe you and how they can subscribe you. You can insert attracting, compelling call-to-action in your video at proper place. This CTA’s can be placed at the end of your video or at the top your video. Make sure that CTA’s should be attracting not distracting. CTA’s are really useful for getting subscribers.

Tip 2- Videos should be consistently good in quality and value

Yes, I agree that for business marketing is important. But it will work only if you have a good and quality product or service. Yes, quality matters in all fields. While posting any video make sure that you sharing something really useful and valuable information with the audience. Otherwise, it will be a great disappointment for your subscribers and potential customers. So make sure that you post it regularly with quality content. It is good to follow a certain schedule for posting.

Tip 3- Use Annotations

Annotations are the little, colorful and attractive notes that people can paste on their videos. Few annotations can bring traffic towards your subscribers list and many annotations may take away people from your video. So be careful while pasting annotations. It can be used in different ways as CTA, simple message, on the button or in the form of offers, product releases and so on. You can use different font, colors, styles while designing annotations.  But most widely used annotations are

jw-simple-annotation (2)Call-To-Action Annotation – In this you can add a “speech bubble“ annotation under the Subscribe button to all of your videos.

jw-click-subscribeClick-To-Action Annotation – Insert your CTA into the video. Then add an image, button or graphic to the video and overlay it with spotlight annotations which should link to your channel subscriber page.

Tip 4 – Add a YouTube widget to your blog

If you have already well settled in the digital world then it is the great  opportunity for you to build the number of subscribers for your video. Confused?  Let, me explain. Suppose you have well maintained website or blog and you are draining good traffic towards it, then you can make it easier for others to find your videos and subscribe to future content by just installing the YouTube subscription widget to the sidebar of your blog or website. You can add widget to your website or blog very easily by just inserting simple HTML code into your website’s HTML code.

Tip 5- Consistently interact with your audience

YouTube is just not the place where you can upload your video, it is the community. You cannot expect overnight success in for your video. If you want to increase your subscribers, likes and comments then first you should appreciate the work done by others genuinely and consistently reply to your audience for their comments, queries. I know it is a bit daunting task, but you have to maintain some time for communicating with your current subscribers and future potential subscribers. The simple principle for gaining more followers is ” Give more get more”.

Tip 6 – What is next?

Create the curiosity among your subscribers, audience about your next video. Tell them about your video, launching date, topics covered in that video, etc. You can send emails to your subscribers announcing the release of your next video. Put the information about your next video on social media. This will help to generate buzz about your next release.

Tip 7 – Create a playlist

Daily thousands of videos get uploaded on the internet. Think, how users will find your video? What is the probability? May be very few will able to find it. The simple solution for this problem is “create playlists.” This allows you to divide your videos into categories which makes easy reference for viewers. When a person is watching a particular video that appears in the playlist, it further encourages him to watch more videos and subscribe your channel.

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    • 3 years ago

      krishsanju   /   Reply

      Really useful tips, especially tip number 4 ( Add a YouTube widget to your blog)It’s very interesting.Thankyou.

    • 2 years ago

      Ryan Stewart   /   Reply

      Great blog and video, Shital. It’s also important that you optimize your videos. Youtube is the second most popular search engine so just like optimizing your web pages for search engines, you should also do the same with your Youtube channel and its contents. Tags are also very important. Another thing I do to get more views on my Youtube videos is answering questions in Quora. Thank you for sharing these tips.

    • 2 years ago

      alette   /   Reply

      Great tips guys! I’ll be sure to start using these!

    • 1 year ago

      Alexander Alison   /   Reply

      The article was of great interest. This must be noted and applied by most Youtubers, for their channel to gain more credibility and appearance. Thanks for sharing this. Keep updating!

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