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Tips to generate amazing content for blog

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“Content is king” “Content is driving vehicle for any literary piece”. A lot has been said about importance of content, all statements lead a single conclusion that     “Content derives traffic” so it’s really essential that content is selected and presented carefully.  In this blog we have made an effort to jot points that can help in creating amazing content.

There are various ways to make your blog interesting and a potpourri; a couple of tips that can help in keeping your content fresh are:

Interesting ideas for blog: Keep yourself abreast of latest developments, a lot of blog ideas can be extracted from news and moreover it catches attention sooner.  Other sources could be blogging networks, facebook news feed top stories etc. Content is everywhere; just keep your eyes open.

For the user, by the user: “User is our lord”!! We all put so much effort to get our target audience, true….why not just indulge them in doing marketing for us and let them be our brand ambassadors and rope in more audience……..sounds strange but believe me it is possible, trick is in getting your audience work for you.

There are various ways like : Organizing Opinion polls, discussions, contests- all these can be used e.g.- if you want to write a blog you can ask your community to share ideas/opinions about that topic, not only you can get breakthrough ideas but also sometimes their personal experiences.

Another way could be -you can blog about your fan discussions, opinion polls. Similarly you can share stories about experiences of your fans with you. A lot can be done, pick up card of your choice.

Scheduling: Scheduling your posts is another critical postulate. A simple blog posted in time is far better than an awesome blog posted weeks later. “A stitch in time saves nine”.

 e.g.- If you had to post about Obama victory, post it soon after elections , rather than waiting and posting blog after he completes half term, who knows whether he will stay on post till that time or will he still be hot property for readers till that tenure “think about it”.

Curator speaks: Having a opinion leader on board for elaborating about a topic can create a great impact, not only it gives you a lot of visibility but also adds to variety in blog content. That does not mean you need to rope in hot- shots or experts always, you can also blog about day to day experiences of people.

e.g.- In a social media agency- a conversationalist is an expert on content strategy of brand, undoubtedly he is best person to talk about handling audience. Similarly, in a hospital, nurse is best person to talk about patient care. Every person is an expert; you just need to identify his power

  • Real time stories: Sharing real time happenings can be an option to make your blog series interesting. I will share an interesting example- Pradeep Chopra, director of Digital Vidya shared his personal experience that how twitter solved his problem with ICICI Bank, which had bothered him for  around three months.Such stories give reader a feeling of –personal connect and thus you can inculcate your reader’s interest without much effort. This list is endless a lot can be written on this and a long series of examples can be shared but we have tried to restrict to crucial ones only.

“So guys are you ready to don your blog with all these feathers”.
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