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Tips To Use Instagram For Businesses

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3It is a mobile application which is freely available and is used for sharing photos. It currently has around 80 million users and this number is growing by the day. This app has undergone a lot of changes and has been customized basis user needs. Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012. They also launched a variable to this application, designed to run on IOS. In this new version, they introduced an “explore” tab. Instagram has now become a very popular and widely used application due to its association with sharing and posting of images. This feature of this application gives it a lot of importance so as to use it to promote one’s business. Lets us discuss a few tips one can use to use this interesting application to promote a business:

Display Products

The main feature of Instagram is its association with images. In order to promote one’s product, a marketer can display the pictures of his products allowing the users to do some window shopping. This experience of being able to see the image of a product can go a long way in promoting the sale of the same. Other features like being able to zoom in and zoom out of the picture can help the viewer get a closer view of the product.

For service related business also this application can help in showcasing the equipments used in providing the service. For example, a fitness training center can showcase the fitness equipments offered by the gym to its prospective clients. Seeing a picture of the equipment will give a boost to the viewer’s morale to join the gym for a good workout.

Display Production Process

One very effective way to get a prospective consumer to like a product is to show how the product has been made or manufactured. Hence, if one can display pictures of the process which was used to manufacture the product, it can be very useful for the consumer to get convinced about the quality and method of manufacturing which can then lead to a conversion. For example, if a distillery shows the pictures of the way in which the wine has been manufactured, the consumers can get convinced to buy the wine seeing the same.

Showcase What The Products Can Do

This is a very effective way to instil interest in the consumer’s mind to buy a product by showing what a product can do. For example, a marketer selling fairness crèam should showcase the before and after result pictures which can then lure the customer to buy the product. This is also another way by which one can get users to post their user generated content in the form of images which can be used to further promote the business. For example, a beauty salon proving bridal related services can post images of their service in terms of makeup, hair do, etc of the would be bride. In addition to this, the bride would also post her own snaps which will essentially be seen by her friends and family thereby promoting the salon’s business.

Sneak Peek

A sneak peek into what is coming soon generates a lot of excitement in the minds of the viewers. The kick of being the first to know of a product launch makes the viewer feel important and special. Hence, by posting the pictures of products which are going to be launched or offered for sale for a limited period on social media portals like Facebook and Twitter gives a lot of mileage to the business revenue. This helps in getting the viewer to buy the product and get valuable conversions for the business.

Showcase Celebrity Endorsements

A very effective to create an aspirational value for a brand in the minds of the consumer is to show that the product is also endorsed by a celebrity. This creates a good feeling in the minds of the user thereby creating an interest to buy the product or use the service. By posting images of the celebrity endorsing the product can go a long way in bringing in good conversions and business revenue. For example, we see a lot of celebrities endorsing various brands and products on TV. Using the images of these endorsements on platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be highly beneficial. Instagram can be used to effectively achieve the expected results.

Events and Road Shows

Posting images of events and product launch shows to the users can also help in provoking an interest in the minds of the user. Especially, a local user who can be intimated of an upcoming event of a product launch and an invite for the same comprising of images of the product and venue be showcased to provoke interest. This is a very effective way of engaging a consumer and encourages participation.

Employee Introduction

Another way to present to the users the makers of the product is by using images of the people who are behind the existence of the product. This gives a human touch to the entire process of promoting a particular product thereby making him feel a part of the organization. By getting to see the people and the team who put it their time and effort to create a product gives more credibility and trust to the consumer who is looking to buy the product or service.

Sharing Cuteness Quotient

By the sharing the cuteness quotient of your brand, in the form of your brand ambassador or advertisement involving an animal or baby or social activity, one can generate a feeling of liking for the brand in the minds of the consumer. For example, the Zoo Zoo advertisement created by Vodafone, or picture of brand Vodafone with the pug puppy. Posting such images using Instagram can help in the promotion of the service.

In this way, there are various means by which Instagram can be of help to a business in promoting a product or service. Images with its visual impact can go a long way in generating interest or curiosity in the minds of the potential consumer.

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