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Top 10 Google Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Top 10 Google Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Google is the king in the market of search and it will remain the same. Having a market share of 80-90%, it is important to learn about the variety of marketing tools provided by Google for free!

You just need to implement those tools in order to be successful. The tools and resources provided by Google need to be used wisely on a daily basis to make the best use of it.

Top 10 Easy Google Tools

This is a comprehensive list of FREE MARKETING TOOLS from Google, that every marketer should start using if they are not. So let us get started…

1. Google Analytics

One of the best and extensively used free marketing tools from Google. The motive behind Google Analytics is ‘to turn insights into action.’

The job of a marketer is to analyze data on a regular basis and with Google Analytics, you can do this task with more ease. Well, this is not just a tool that tells you how many visitors are there on your website. There are so many more areas that could be monitored via Google Analytics like top pages, the sources from where traffic comes, real-time visitors, social engagement, top keywords, top pages, and technology used.Google analytics

If you are a marketer, all of this data is crucial to make a strategy. For example, talking about social engagement. Using Google Analytics helps you to answer questions like

  • Which content is going well on social media?
  • Which social networks are sending the maximum traffic?
  • How people interact with content?

Data is powerful if you believe in that. With Google Analytics, you can turn your data into actions and formulate best practices accordingly.

2. Google AdSense

Who doesn’t want to make money online? For that, the best way to get a start is through Google AdSense program.

How to proceed?

You will have to add a snippet of code to your website and Google will then show you relevant ads for which you get paid as per the number of clicks.

Though there are many other options from which you can make money online but are they easy or reliable for beginners? With AdSense, you can make money easily and it is especially good to go for beginners. There are not many strategies which help in making money in easy ways.Source:

If you have enough traffic, you website could also generate as much as $100k per month. If you have a strong marketing strategy, go for it!

3. Google Trends

Give this a glance…

You write on something that is trending within your niche Vs you write on a topic that you like but that’s old gone news.

Which blog post will attract more audience? Well, if you write something that is trending and readers are interested in knowing, it will be viral!

When you open Google Trends, you will see ‘stories trending now’ as well as featured stories. You can tap on the timely topics to be covered on the basis of your niche. For instance, if you are into tech and digital marketing, you can know what’s happening with, say, for example, Google and Microsoft.Google Trends

By turning trending things into a blog post on time, you can increase the chances of attracting more visitors and potentially connect with media outlets.

Once your hands are set on Google Trends, you will find it easy to use!

4. Google Books

‘I have learned everything’

Have you ever heard someone saying this? If yes, then the person claiming to know everything must be a fool unless their name is Google.

Well, there is always something more to learn and when we are in marketing, you cannot have enough of it. The marketing game is dynamic. For this, Google Books are there to your serve you. With these books, you can search the most comprehensive index of full-text books.

For instance, if you search for ‘content marketing’, Google Books will show following results:Google Books

These books are available for free and one cannot replace a good book with a diamond too! Books were and will always be useful. It is always advisable to use Google services and even more when they are for free.

5. Google Keyword Planner

As per Google, Keyword Planner is described as ‘Plan your Search Network campaigns, get performance insights and see keyword ideas.’ There is no rocket science in this tool, it is simple to use. However, the way you incorporate it into your marketing strategy is a tricky part.

For instance, the topic for your blog is ‘Content Marketing Trends in 2016’. Now it is up to you if you want to target for high traffic keywords or go for long tail keywords?Google Keyword Planner

Enter a single word in Google Keyword Planner and it will give you hundreds of ideas related to a keyword. Along with each keyword, there is important data accompanied like the average number of monthly searches and competition.

Talking about buying traffic, Keyword Planner provides an approximate cost per click amount as well. Doesn’t if you are going for organic or paid traffic, spending time on Google Keyword Planner will always be beneficial.

6. Google Alerts

If you are doing business, it is important for you to understand the competition in the market, stay updated with the current happenings associated with your industry, or know about company mentions.

If you would do this manually, it will consume hours of your time. For this, you can rely on Google Alerts.Google Alerts

How to use Google Alerts?

Enter things you want to know and from there, you will get to know updates related to your query. There is also an option to receive an update into your email inbox.

This Google tool is easy to use and saves a lot of your time. Well, time is money!

7. Google Calendar

Keeping up with a busy schedule is a task. There are endless responsibilities of a marketer or any other person for that matter. You keep everything in mind but still end up skipping a thing or two.Google Calendar

What if you could schedule your blog posts without reaching out to your writers? Well, Google Calendar is a way to stay structured and organized. With Google Calendar, you can share things with

  • Other users
  • Embed it on your website
  • Keep it for yourself

There are reminder alerts too which keeps a track of details and thereby helping in filling in the gaps. Gone are the times when marketing professionals wrote everything on a paper calendar to keep a track of their responsibilities, appointments, and tasks. Google Calendar is the best version of that now!

8. Google Docs

One of the best Google tools is Google Docs which is described by the search engine giant as “With Google Docs, you can write, edit and collaborate wherever you are. For free.”

A Google tool like this and for free? Who wouldn’t like it? Most of us know about Google Docs but if you aren’t leveraging it now, you are missing out on a lot of things!Google Docs

With so many things from sharing the doc with others, word count check, document outline, to spell check, translation tool and more.

For using Google Docs, you need to have a Google account which most of us usually have.

9. Google Sheets

Just like the traditional spreadsheet, Google Sheets are similar but allows you to create many types of sheets which can be shared and edited with others. Along with creating your own spreadsheet from the zero point, you can depend on some of Google’s templates. The types of templates by Google are:

  • Schedule
  • Annual budget
  • To-do list

Google Spreadsheets

It might not help you achieve your marketing goals directly but will surely provide support to your strategy. Google Sheets are easy to use and powerful to cater to all your needs related to a spreadsheet with its features.

10. Google Voice

Though there are a variety of other tools to communicate, but there is no replacement for Google Voice. This is one of the least used Google tools. With Google Voice, you can direct every call to the device of your choosing with just one number. Google Voice

Another unique feature is the voicemail system. There are low rates on international calls which make it worth giving a try! The ability to track the performance of a phone number placed on your website is another key feature of Google Voice. For instance, monitoring how many calls you are receiving? You can also know how many of them are converting into customers.


Today online marketers have access to more tools than ever before. After going through these tools, you will have an idea about which marketing tools by Google will help you reach your goals. Not saying these tools will guarantee you top position in the search engine result pages but if you combine them with the right strategy, they will take you in the right direction.

Have we skipped any Google tool which you use and is important? Which tool you think is the best for your marketing strategy?

Image Source: Neil Patel Blog

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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  • 3 years ago

    Tauseef Alam   /   Reply

    I must say Google has a great collection of marketing tools which make it the first choice for every marketer. I don’t know why competitors like Bing are not working to improve their standard. They still behave like old school guy.

    • 3 years ago

      Sakshi Behl   /   Reply

      We agree with you, Tauseef. The work style of Google is user-centric and they strive to provide everything that gives the best user experience. This is the reason that Google today is the Search Engine King.

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