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Top 10 Highest Ranking Digital Marketing Blogs: 24th October, 2015!

Top 10 Highest Ranking Digital Marketing Blogs: 24th October, 2015!
Enlisted below are Top 10 posts of the previous week that ranked highest amongst all. We have selected the best rankers from various domains of Digital Marketing that were published and liked by all the readers on various online platforms. You can gain utmost knowledge and information on various domains of Digital Marketing by reading and analyzing the insights given in the top-most ranking blog posts mentioned below:

Digital Marketing

McDonald’s Leveraged Digital Marketing For Brand Visibility

One of the highest ranking blogs is the McDonald’s Leveraged Digital Marketing For Brand Visibility. The blog post has covered all the strategies followed by McDonald’s to expand their business and lead successful digital marketing campaigns. You can learn various techniques and methods followed by them, and can utilize the same in the growth of your organization. The case study is an overview on all the strategies and techniques followed by McDonald’s and what are the results after the implementation.

Pursued Digital Marketing Course Through Digital Vidya’s Credible And Talented Team

This blog post contains an interview held with one of the best participants at Digital Vidya. In the interview, she explained her learning experience at Digital Vidya while pursuing their flagship program Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM). Learning from Digital Vidya enabled her to bag a position as a marketing intern at Headout. She shared her experience in learning through instructor-led online teaching format at Digital Vidya.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Top 7 Blogs To Grow Organic Search Traffic

This post is the highest ranking blog of the previous week. This post focuses upon the 7 different types of blog writing styles that can help you drive maximum traffic on your website. This post will surely help you understand the need of the customer, which will help you gain a large number of organic search visitors. The post contains 7 effective writing styles to grow organic search traffic on your website.

Webroot Scored 108% Boost In Organic Traffic Using Link Building

This post portrays an overview of how Webroot achieved a boost in its organic traffic by utilising link building technique. The post focuses upon various SEO strategies, which will surely never upset you with its results. The above techniques have been applied and tested by many, hope they will help you improvise your marketing structure as well.

Top 20 Must Know SEO Tools

This post emphasis upon the easiest way to do search engine optimization by applying the appropriate tool required for a particular kind of website. The blog post contains 20 most effective tools one must know to lead a successful online marketing campaign for a website. The list contains both free as well as paid SEO tools, you can utilize according to the requirement and niche of your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Define Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The post gives an overview on the benefits of preparing a social media marketing strategy prepared in-hand. Defining your social media strategy and planning it accordingly guarantees to make you win half the battle. Post Planner or PhotoSync, KingSumo or Tagboard are the tools that are mentioned in the post to help your campaign work appropriately to help you out with the plans.

ICICI Lombard Scores With Digital Marketing

The post focuses upon ICICI Lombard, which depicts the complete process of collaboration between two financial giants, ICICI Bank Limited and a Canadian General Insurance company, Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. The post emphasis upon the strategies and techniques followed by both after merging together as one organization.

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing: Why Spend More Time Personalizing?

The post emphasises upon the increase in open rate by targeting the same set of audience and sending a personalized mail to each customer. The above post is written by an experienced guest blogger, who works as a Content Strategist at GrabON. He shared his thought process and experience in email marketing through the blog. The above post focuses upon the factor how emails are considered to be a more personalised form of marketing? Why are they more impactful?

All About Email Spam, Spoofing and SPF

The post effectively focuses upon the importance of setting up an SPF record. The check helps in avoiding spoofing at an increasing rate. The blog post gives an overview on the implementation of SPF records more widely, which makes SPF filtering more effective at identifying spoofed email messages.

Understand Lyris Content Checker, For Better Email Delivery Rates

The post is the case study  Lyris, an effective content checking tool. Lyris Content Checker features SpamAssassin, a very famous and effective spam filter for anything and everything that is associated with spam. The tool solves all the delivery issues that occur due to the content written in the emails. The post showcases the complete working of this tool and how it is beneficial for an online digital marketing campaign to work successfully.

The above-listed blogs are the top-most ranking blogs in the weekly round up. Hopefully, the list of the will help you reap benefits that will help you drive most of the traffic to your website. The posts enlisted above will lend you utmost knowledge, which will help you build and expand your business network broadly.

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