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Top 10 Inevitable Reasons Your Business Needs to be Mobile Optimized!

Top 10 Inevitable Reasons Your Business Needs to be Mobile Optimized!

Undoubtedly, use of mobile devices has increased exponentially over the years and yes, it has impacted over the marketing world too. To handle this change, companies are greatly moving towards mobile-friendly devices and deferring the mobile design update for your business website can be perilous. Wondering if your website needs to optimize for mobile, find out some reasons here.

Last year, in April the Google’s mobile-friendly update came and brought forth a new challenge for the webmasters across the world.  Mobilegeddon gathered a lot of hype and around 4.7% increase was observed in the number of mobile-friendly sites in March and April 2015.

Well the list of stats seems to be endless, what matters here for the businesses today is that if you aren’t optimized for mobile, then you’re eventually losing your business. And the reason is you are cutting down your reach to those 6.8 billion people who use mobile phones. One thing is pretty clear, for your business, you need to optimize your website for mobile devices. Want some more reasons?Inevitable Reasons Your Business Needs to be Mobile Optimized!

Let’s explore top 10 reasons which clearly state that your website can’t afford to remain unresponsive now.

  • Mobile Exceeds Desktop Shopping Activity

Users nowadays spend more and more time on their mobile devices. And this trend is not new to the world of marketing. Back in 2013, 55 percent of all time spent on online shopping in a month was on the mobile devices. While the rest of the 45 percent shopping occurred through desktops and laptops.Recently, it was found that over half of traffic to the retail websites now comes via smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the mobile commerce now accounts for 36% of e-retail sales in UK alone.

And why only sales, do you know the average time spent on television by a U.S. adult is on a decline and the time spent on digital mobile devices is on rise? Yes, people now love to spend most of their time on social networking sites, watching videos, etc. on the mobile devices.

  • Mobile Responsiveness for SERP Rankings

Google favors mobile friendly websites and thus, they score higher in its SERP rankings. As stated earlier, it was Mobilegeddon to make mobile responsiveness more significant in April last year, the stakes have been raised and it is now a must have for pleasing to acquire organic traffic.

In fact, the company enacted noteworthy penalties for the websites who couldn’t meet up to the standards of mobile friendliness. And certainly, this change did create some waves, taking the mobile friendly pages to a hit. So, in case you are really serious to boost your organic traffic, a mobile-optimized website is a must have.

  •  Users Switch Screens More Often 

Even if the desktop comes out to be the major source handling the bulk of your conversions, you cannot deny from the fact that the user do engage with your site via mobile at some or the other point. Definitely, it is highly useful in the entire sales process. People browse through your website on their phones when they have spare time, or they cannot access big screens, looking for the things of their interest. And several times they complete the purchase process when they get something that catches their eye.A recent survey states that 90% of people switch between devices to accomplish a goal. Thus, if you fail to handle every type of screen, you are missing something big!

  • Mobile Websites Enhances Brand Engagement

It is a proven fact that users find your brand more trustworthy when you offer a satisfying mobile experience. Hence, if your mobile website is optimized for functionality and consistency, you can always expect returning and happy customers. Simple, it fosters trust and affinity among the users.

On the other hand, when they found your website difficult to navigate through their mobile devices, the customers feel disappointed and are more likely to switch to your contenders. The reason is quite clear; you fail to provide what they need and when they need it.

  •  Significant Increase in Sales and Leads

As far as the eCommerce website traffic is concerned, mobile devices account for attracting customers significantly. According to the recent studies, half of the sales of online goods come from customers using smartphones and tablets. In fact, it is found that if a website is not responsive, around 80 percent of smartphone users will abandon shopping. Also, they abandon shopping on the mobile sites which are too difficult to navigate.

Why only e-Commerce, even the local businesses can get benefited greatly with mobile-friendliness. It improves their sales and leads too. The reason is that a large portion of people are more likely to count on and make purchases from companies which are accessible on their smartphones. In today’s economy, if you wish to build trust for your brand, expand number of sales and leads, it is necessary to get connected or better say, have a mobile responsive interaction.

  • Blogging and Social Activities Attracts Mobile Visitors 

Nowadays almost every inbound marketer has incorporated elements of blogging and social media in their marketing strategy. It was found in a study that 55% of social media consumption occurs through the mobile devices. Thus, while you are sharing out links to your website or content links, but don’t have a mobile-optimized website, then get ready for the high bounce rates and low conversion rates. What more dreadful is that you might have to handle frustrated audience too!

  • Mobile Presence Trim Downs Your Bounce Rate

In case you don’t have a website optimized well for mobile use, then you are going to face numerous issues with the layout. For example, your website might have trouble with the loading and it will immediately make the visitors hit the back button. Your website must fit on the screen of your client mobile device, say a smart phone. And if it doesn’t fit, the user will have to scroll up and down, left to right just to read the content. Certainly, it is not acceptable by the smart and busy readers of today. Also, when they find it so difficult to click on links and buttons, due to a non-optimized website, chances are that they leave your website at the earliest. Worst thing is that they won’t return either. A mobile responsive website reduces the rate at which visitors leave your website, i.e. bounce rate.

  •  Mobile Websites Brings Better Competition 

For the businesses to remain competitive, a mobile design is necessary. As stated earlier, the mobile devices surpassed desktop computers and this statistic is sufficient to influence the decision to have a mobile-friendly website. The ever rising graph in number of people buying and using smartphones and tablets worldwide, and their interest in finding and buying everything from shoes to the best place to get a pizza, makes the competition better.

When it comes to remain competitive, online marketing and digital interaction forms the pillar of your strategy. What activity you hold on the internet plays a brick-and-mortar role in the success story. If you don’t own a mobile-friendly website, simply you are helping your competitors, giving their businesses better sales.

  •  Gives a Boost to Your Paid Advertising Results

When it is about having a mobile-friendly website, several algorithm update relates to the organic search. But do you know that mobile optimized website can also help your paid search advertising efforts? Yes, you read it right!

The performance and relevance of your search advertising’s landing pages are taken into account for the quality score. What if your mobile searchers are directed to a non-mobile optimized landing page by your search advertising pages? You know it well; it will negatively impact your search advertising performance. Thus, making it clear that a mobile optimized website is not only a need for better organic search results but also from a paid search perspective too.

  •  E-commerce Now Turns to M-Commerce 

In the recent years, the dramatic growth of M-commerce has enforced the businesses to revamp their online presence. With a great number of people stepping toward online shopping, exponential rise in M-commerce has made its presence felt over all the sectors. It saves the time, money and energy of the customers. Escaping from the burden of searching and putting great efforts in the trip to a retail store, people now feel safe and comfortable by ordering things at just one click of their finger. With mobile shopping entering the mainstream, definitely a mobile optimized website help convert visitors arriving via mobile devices into loyal customers. Just make sure that you offer your customer with a glitch-free user-experience and purchasing process.

A Last Advice…

Regardless of the purpose of your website, i.e. it is for eCommerce or meant to provide information, the fact is that a mobile unfriendly website has a detrimental effect on your audience. But just a mere mobile presence will not be sufficient.

Yes, the users today look for much more. You need to ensure a seamless experience while navigating through the site, making them easily find things on their devices. They should be able to view the images, read text, fill out the forms, and get clear and complete information, that they want, that too without any frustrations on your site. Reason being, a user is more likely to stay only if he get a positive experience on your responsive site. And definitely, you don’t want them to bounce back to the search results and turn into a never-returning customer. So, if you are still relying on a website which is not optimized for mobile devices, there are chances that you are being abstained from over 60% of mobile users that could engage with your business enterprise in the future. To stay ahead of the competition, you will need to cater a flawless responsive experience to your audience!

JoseBarreiroAuthor Bio: This article is written by Jose Barreiro who is an author at SHMONG Marketing. He is an experienced Digital Marketing Expert who loves to spread his expertise through articles and blogs.

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