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Top 10 Link Building Strategies For Marketers

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Need for link building strategy

In inbound marketing when one have to make customers to drive the customers to make them click your content links. The strategy that you will use in building links will influence the traffic flow into your website, which is the key factor of increasing your ranks in Google Search Engine. So this very necessary that you use some tricks to build your links.


Top 10 strategies for link building

In order to make it simple for you to design a strategy for link building this content have brought you 10 best strategies for link building. All this 10 strategies of Link building are discussed thoroughly to make to understand how to use them.

  1. Guest blogging


When you are guest blogging what do you actually look for? If you are someone who is trying to direct the traffic from that blog to your website than you must take care of few things before going for Guest blogging. Although guest blogging can increase your website visits or likes in your content overnight, but it can also upset your expectations.

In order to ensure good results, you must first look for a trusted blog where guest posting is allowed. Not just that, you must also have to check the number of visitors and likes in their content. Go for those blog where the owner or the visitors are likely to share your content in guest blogging.

  1. Infographics creation and distribution


When you are creating an infographic, it is likely that you may have to bear some cost in the initial stage, if you don’t have expertise in making infographic. Past records say that infographics can influence lot many people to like or visit your content. But the problem is you will need an expert to make an infographics. For that, you must have to hire someone for making your infographics at some cost. But need not to worry because you will get lots of visits in return.

  1. Build your authority on social media


Your presence in social media is very necessary to gain the trust of customers as well as extend your reach for link building. The social media have brought a new world for digital marketing making it cost effective way of advertising and gain customers.

Few years from now, no one knew the potential of social media platforms. But look around today, people might not have their own websites but they will surely have a Facebook page or a twitter account for promotion of their products and services.

Making a Facebook page or a twitter account is easy but to get enough people to click your link you must make use of enough time in social media posting relevant stuff frequently. This will create your authority in the social media platform.

  1. Use of resource links for trusted websites

Making use of relevant resources can also drive lot many visitors into your website. But you must make sure that the resources that you collect are from some relevant website. This will add value for the readers and make them your trusted readers or visitors.

  1. Finding and making use of broken links

It is often seen that many marketer find it difficult to produce a quality content due to reasons like:

  • Content writing consumes too much time.
  • Content generation requires workforce.
  • It cannot say what customers actually likes.
  • Hard to make enough contents for all use cases
  • Hard to get specific stats or matrics.

So there is a solution for such marketers. They can make use of broken links. They can search for the websites having broken links and replace it with their contents. This will save time to raise their link in Google search engine.

  1. Personal brand promotion

Instead of using a brand ambassador to promote your brand, don’t you feel using your essence as face of your brand? We see this kind of branding in case of publishing books. People mostly don’t go for the book by their cover page or the title of the book, they go by the name of the author. This is called personal branding. Making your face the face of your brand. This is highly trending and must use strategy of link building.

  1. Check backlinks of your competitors

The number of links that you will get from the higher authority websites, will determine your rank in the Google search engine. In order to achieve more number of links you must keep a check on your competitors. For this purpose you can make use of different backlink checking tools websites like, or SEMrush.

  1. Replicate best links form your competitors

In order to replicate best links of your competitor you must have to first find out what all links are best in your committing websites. You can take help of different tools to get the bets links from your competitor, this will make you search easier. Then you can make use of tools like copy blogger to get the content link of that best link website of your competitor.

  1. Create link round ups

In case you have a relevant content it is for sure that that the visitor will look into it. But you can also make use of links from other websites to help them find extra helpful stuffs. And in order to keep yourself from safe side you must use Link roundup strategy so that the blog from where you have taken the link can be credited.

  1. Establishing content pillars


In order to drive people to look into your content, it is very necessary that you must trigger some sort of emotion in the visitor to keep them reading your content until it is over. This driving force comes from making your content strong enough to hold the attention of the customers. Not just that you must also make sure that you increase the frequency of publishing your content.


As of now you all are well aware of the need of link building strategy. You must make use of the link building strategy and take it seriously to get maximum benefits from it. This dramatically increase the number of your website visits.

Image Credits: strategicmarketingadvisors, Shoutershub, cybrariansweb, business2community, serpholic

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